Crashlands v100.0.93 MOD APK (Patched/Unlimited Resource)

App Name Crashlands
Publisher Butterscotch Shenanigans
Size 150M
Version 100.0.93
Mod Info Patched/Unlimited Resource
Update October 17, 2021 (8 months ago)
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In Crashlands the player will travel to mysterious landscapes, fight formidable enemies, and discover hidden secrets everywhere. Like other games of similar genres, the goal is to gather numerous items, craft, and construct to survive in various temperatures.

Crashlands has been an established name among players who enjoy genres like survival and adventure. Another popular title that inspires the game, Don’t Starve, a survival game. It is rated positively across every platform.


This game will also take you to an alternate world where you’ll meet ferocious creatures that you can’t imagine, strange landforms, and many other items that appear to be out of the past.

If you’re a gamer who is a fan of adventure, survival, and some science fiction elements, Crashlands is an ideal option for you. It promises players an array of exciting experiences unlike any other game provides.

Crashlands’s Gameplay

Crashlands is an adventure game in which you must survive that incorporates elements of RPG games. Similar to other games of similar genres, it is a constant quest to discover and find useful items within Crashlands to build additional useful objects.

The elements in the game are scattered all over with a variety of items ranging from uncommon to rare for various purposes. After you’ve collected enough ingredients, you can utilize these materials to make powerful weapons or tools or even tough armor.


The equipment must be upgraded throughout the game to make it stronger. It is also possible to encounter types of enemies. From serious to weak pose a threat to your life. The game’s world is huge, and you are free to explore it, Explore the plot of the game or take part in side quests to know more about other characters of the game.

Infinite Inventory

As opposed to other games in similar genres, the majority of games in this genre will offer players an inventory that is separate and has only a limited amount of storage. However, Crashlands provides players with an endless collection of objects, which will hold everything that the player will be able to collect.

Crashlands would like players to enjoy the most enjoyable adventure possible, having the ability to make items without having to go back home or discard leftovers. The player is not required to worry about their character’s inventory, which makes the experience more enjoyable and exciting.


Combat system

In Crashlands, You’ll have to fight powerful opponents of massive and ferocious beasts. You’ll need to learn to comprehend, memorize, and master the actions you can avoid, make use of and then quickly get rid of these.

With the introduction of a variety of special species within the game, the players will need to put in a lot of time to take on all of them in order to win their sheep’s success.

Control wild animals

In this game, you will find eggs from the creature. You can take it and carry it back to your base. when the eggs hatching, and you’ll possess powerful animals. They can assist you defeat the enemy be sure to follow them and will to defend you.


Base construction

This game provides you with a variety of useful objects, aside from the game offering you sturdy construction materials. You can construct a sturdy base or an impressive home that comes with all the amenities. Crashlands offers a variety of tools with a variety of functions which makes it easy to construct or create important objects.


The game is played using 2D soft graphics. The artifacts, objects, and worlds that are featured in the game are depicted extremely well and clearly. The 2D graphics in the game offers players an engaging and attractive game that isn’t superior to other games of similar genres.

Since it is a game that requires a standard setup, Crashlands can be easily downloaded to any mobile device and makes the game that is accessible to all mobile players.


A survival adventure game Crashlands takes players into the world of science fiction and allows players to play as they please. With great features and classic gameplay, but extremely attractive, this is going to be the game you must play if you’re someone who is a fan of the genre of games.

The creator is currently being created and improved, promising to become the top survival adventure game available on any platform. Install “Crashlands” now and start your journey.

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