Case Simulator Ultimate v9.6 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

App Name Case Simulator Ultimate
Publisher Silverlime
Size 30M
Version 9.6
Mod Info All Unlocked
Update October 11, 2021 (9 months ago)
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  • Free shopping for paid cases.

This game is Case Simulation Ultimate, which simulates opening the chest for players. CSGO players will not find it strange to open a crate. This is because many people enjoy and do this. The thrill of opening an ark and finding something unique to use or to collect is what users love. This game is for you if that’s what you love.

Steam is a popular place to download games, as many people are aware. Valve Corporation developed Steam, and it has been one of the most popular game and item trading sites. Steam is home to many new games from Valve Corporation and other developers and game publishers. Many famous titles are available on the Steam platform. Dota 2 is the most popular free game. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is also a favorite. Today, we won’t be discussing two titles. Instead, we will focus on a Counter-Strike Global Offensive-based game.

Case Simulator Ultimate (MOD, Unlocked) ***


The chest in CS GO is always a popular choice because of the rare skins available to open it. If a player wishes to open multiple chests, they must have enough money to purchase both keys and cases. Players can spend a lot of money to purchase keys and cases. Not everyone has the money. You want to feel the excitement of opening the box, but not spend a lot. This is the game for you. The game will initially give players a small amount to purchase the keys and cases. Players who find rare equipment may also be able to earn money.

Collect rare skins

There are many skin types of knives and guns available in CS: GO. Players must open many crates and spend lots of money to get them. Case Simulator Ultimate is available to players if there are many chests or CS: GO has many skins. There are many skins available for each gun. You can choose from a variety of different qualities depending on how beautiful and rare they are. There are several types of them. The most common is the Consumer Grade, which anyone can have and is almost free. The Industrial Grade is next, but it is more expensive and is not worth collecting. Mil-Spec Grade skin is the one that the military has valued. Souvenir is the rarest item in the game. It can only be purchased through tournaments or souvenirs. While players cannot own some things, the application allows users to still own them.

Case Simulator Ultimate (MOD, Unlocked) ***

Selling and trading

The price for opening an Ark in this game can be very high, but not everyone is able to receive rare items. Exchanging is another way players can get rare equipment they don’t own. To exchange equipment, players can reach out to others. It is convenient and simple to use, so many people prefer this method. If the player doesn’t get the item requested by others, you can still use the money to purchase it. However, the number of money players will need to purchase an item is not cheap. You will pay 50% more than the market price so think carefully before you buy.

Bet with your opponents

Trading is not the only way players can get what they want. Players can also bet with other players. Case Simulator Ultimate allows players to place the items they desire and will give them the equivalent. You can also try your luck to find things you don’t need. A coin will have two sides: Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. Players will pick one side to begin the game. If you’re lucky and the coin stops at the chosen player, you will get all of them. All equipment used in a bet is lost if it is lost.

Case Simulator Ultimate (MOD, Unlocked) ***

Try your luck

Bettors can make money by opening the chest, but there are many risks. If the spin returns the same number as the player’s selection, the player will be paid. The player who does not win will be disqualified and forfeit their money.

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