Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy v1.9.4 MOD APK (Gravity/Speed)

App Name Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Publisher Noodlecake Studios Inc
Size 125M
Version 1.9.4
Mod Info Gravity/Speed
Update October 15, 2021 (9 months ago)
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MOD Info?


1. Gravity is one-third of the original
2. Gravity is one-sixth of the original
3. No gravity
4. The speed is 5 times the original

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy will challenge your patience through a series different challenges.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy world and many other games have developed a rich and varied style that allows players to explore the vast array of options available. The game’s purpose is to give players entertainment, relaxation, peace, and relief after a long day. There are many games that can stimulate certain emotions, including fear, inhibition, anger and all human emotions.

Getting Over It (with Bennett Foddy)

A game can make players mad and lead to violence on all platforms. This is Getting over It. Although the game uses sketch gameplay, it employs a realistic physics system. This causes players to fail often and makes them careless. It was released on Android under the name Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. It was a fun game that brought a buzzing breeze to the table and quickly became a hit due to its fun gameplay. The player controls a man stuck in a pot. He must use a wrench to climb a huge mountain and fulfill his dream.

Getting Over It (with Bennett Foddy)


Other than the fact that the player can control their characters to move across difficult terrain, there is not much else. It isn’t easy to climb a mountain in a pot. Players will need to use a Sledgehammer to push, pull, cling, and move. This makes the game both fun and outstanding. The player must control the hammer smoothly and accurately to move the desired areas. Two control methods will be available for the game: touch or joystick. Each has its own precision, but players can still move their characters.

Getting Over It (with Bennett Foddy)


The climb to the summit of the mountain is difficult and even more complicated than most people believe. The more you go, the more effective the hammer will be in sticking to the map. Players must use their creativity and make the most of physics to move. Everything is stationary. The game uses realistic physics to allow the character to move fluidly and smoothly based on their force on the hammer. Sometimes the environment can be complex, requiring players to use their hammers in difficult situations.

Getting Over It (with Bennett Foddy)


Many players get annoyed and angry at the lack of a checkpoint in Getting Over It. The checkpoint cannot be reloaded, and the player must keep going regardless of whether they are dropped to the ground or above. This game requires that everything is completed in one go. It is an excellent example of how to test each person’s patience and dexterity. The goal of the player is to get out of the Earth’s orbit and overcome many obstacles, terrain, cliffs, etc. The map will show you the route and obstacles.


Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy It is a well-known and popular title that has been updated many times to provide new challenges. A map editor will be added to the game, which allows players to create new maps and challenge themselves. Players can also share their maps with the community to become part of a custom map. You can find maps created by other players using custom maps. They also have a rating system that allows you to rate the difficulty and creativity of a map. Custom maps can be added to all maps for free.

Getting Over It (with Bennett Foddy)


Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy was not customizable or able to change characters in its initial days. This led to many players becoming bored with the game’s restrictive gameplay. The game’s character customization system has made the game much more fun. Players can now design their characters, regardless of whether they are a pot or a tool. Costume pieces can be found all over the game, either randomly from the developer or as rewards for completing milestones or completing maps.

The gameplay of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy is not great, but it attracts players and keeps them motivated to win. This game can be challenging, but it doesn’t have any checkpoints. It is still being developed and will bring new maps, costumes, and other exciting entertainment features.

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