Hills of Steel 2 v2.11.2 MOD APK (Ammo/God Mode)

App Name Hills of Steel 2
Publisher Superplus Games
Size 161M
Version 2.11.2
Mod Info Ammo/God Mode
Update October 17, 2021 (9 months ago)
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  • No Cooldown


  • God Mode

It’s known as Hills Of Steel 2 by Superplus Games, an action-oriented game titled the battle between tanks. The game’s currently available genre is multifaceted and rich, contained in the most popular categories of Action, Adventure, Simulation, and Role-playing Strategy sports, and they keep coming out with a variety of versions available on various platforms.

Beyond the genre, every game is unique in its gameplay, such as humor, enjoyable, challenging, or relaxing. What are you a fan of any genre of game? How often do you enjoy playing Hills of Steel 2? While I’m not sure what you do for fun this day, I’ll present a game that you might enjoy.

Hills of Steel 2 (MOD, No Cooldown) ***

HILLS OF STEEL 2: The fun and unique tank game based on physics.

The battle between tanks will be fought in hills that have different slopes. The perspective of the character is horizontal towards the terrain, which will help with aiming and move. The gameplay of Hills of Steel 2 is quite easy, and players can select any tank available to battle with their team against their adversaries to reach the objective. When fighting, you want to shift your vehicle, hit two control buttons to move it back and forth in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Hills of Steel 2 (MOD, No Cooldown) ***

Do you want to know what firing process in Hills of Steel 2will work? The angles of your tank are fixed. However, each tank will be equipped with a specific kind of ammunition. Some are equipped with curved ballistics, while others have a straight bullet. Your job is to join the tanks of control that move around on the hill to establish an angle of your weapon’s shot. If the player does an amount of injury, then the advancement bar is fully charged. Every tank type has a distinct ability. It can use damage-causing abilities to make use of them quickly.

Keep in mind that the tank is always pointed towards a specific direction. You are not able to alter how the shot, and therefore, you are only able to move either way forward or reverse. If the enemy gets ahead of you, then your best bet is to allow your team members to be careful.

Hills of Steel 2 (MOD, No Cooldown) ***

Hills of Steel 2: Autoloader

Each vehicle has its weapon. However, they all share a common loading system. It’s called the autoloader. The mechanism of operation for the autoloader is quite simple. Each vehicle has a set amount of bullets within the band. Bullets are loaded continuously into the tape as long as there is space in the tape. However, you do not have to be patient for a whole load to fire. The more your magazine loads and the more it will shoot. However, remember to be careful not to approach the enemy to save blood and prolong the game’s duration.

Regeneration of HP automatically: The vehicle gets damaged when bullets from enemies hit, and do not take the damage of your fellow soldiers. If your vehicle suffers damages, you should immediately pull it back. After a few minutes, if you don’t suffer any damage, it will replenish the lost HP. If you lose HP, you’ll be removed from the game temporarily. After time passes, it will automatically revive and allow you to join the fight right away with your friends.

Hills of Steel 2 (MOD, No Cooldown) ***

Hills of Steel 2 – Reward

Every time you play, you’ll be awarded some gold based on the success you have made in the game. This amount of gold earned will be increased when your team is successful. Apart from precious metals, you can find loot boxes displayed on the home page of the game, which can be filled with gems, gold, cards, and other accessories.

Based on the rarity of the loot box, the quantity of the items inside will vary. Each will require an exact time for opening and, for a standard one, the required time to open the box is two hours. You can reduce the opening time by making use of gems if you wish.

Hills of Steel 2 (MOD, No Cooldown) ***

Hills of Steel 2: Game Mode

In the current game there are three main game modes. The following is the way each of them works.

The first option is Domination, and it will be a three-on-three match; however, for winning, the teams must each take the flag and achieve 100 points on the flag. The two teams will battle to take the flags that will change the game. The fact that you kill an opponent doesn’t count toward the checkpoint.

The second option is survival. It is a survival game with up to three players in the group, the purpose of this mode is to stop attacks by enemies (BOT). If the enemy successfully enters the base and loses, the reward is determined by the team’s longest time of survival.

The final option will be Team Battles, this will be a straightforward 3v3 game and the team that scores the highest number of points and destroys the opposition in 1p30s will be the team that wins.

As the game is in an early access stage so the number of vehicles is currently 9 and promises to bring players additional vehicles in the near future.

Hills of Steel 2 (MOD, No Cooldown) ***

Hills of Steel 2’s Graphics

Hills of Steel 2 is authentic 3D graphics, which are also humorous and humorous. It is guaranteed to be suitable for everyone. Additionally, the physical impact can make it more enjoyable when vehicles collide or when using skills.

If you are looking for a game with simple gameplay and attractive images, Hills of Steel 2 is the ideal game.

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Download (161M)

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