Wild Castle TD v1.5.7 MOD APK (God Mode / Max Mana)

App Name Wild Castle TD
Publisher Crunchy Studio LLC
Size 73M
Version 1.5.7
Mod Info God Mode / Max Mana
Update November 11, 2021 (8 months ago)
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A fresh tower defense experience that includes all the latest features you can find inside Wild Castle TD. There are more intriguing techniques and be able to defend your area against attacks by opponents and monsters. Additionally, your power will be developed based on your choices and will all be an effective defense against adversaries.


Players become the owners of an estate during Wild Castle TD with three fundamental heroes. However, unfortunately, the castle is constantly threatened by monsters. You will have to defend the castle by constructing more troops to eliminate the foes who may be before you. Additionally, it has additional features in comparison to similar tower defense titles you can quickly identify through the various levels.

You control three heroes of the base, with a castle on the bottom of the screen. Enemies will be moved from the top to the bottom. In addition, you can build new structures or recruit additional heroes, but this requires some amount of money, and it is not possible to do this in the initial stages in the course of play. So, it would be best if you concentrated on upgrading your existing equipment and passive skills within the talent section to win the next level.

Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021


When you play this game, you will encounter heroes as the first forces you encounter. When you have completed a wave, you’ll get two distinct choices. For instance, in this second round, you’ll receive Castle upgrades or more Archers. In the first upgrade, you’ll see that the stats of your castle have increased, which allows you to last longer against attacks from enemies. In addition, Archers will be an addition to your force, helping you in battling enemies with a long distance.

Each level within Wild Castle TD has a number of enemies, and you’ll see a white bar indicating the end of the wave. As the white bar fades away, the stronger enemies will slowly show up. In this game, you’ll face tougher opponents, and after just 3-4 attacks, it is possible to be wiped out of your health and will be defeated. Try to find ways to stop your enemy’s advance through a variety of ways.

The heroes will continue to fight to stop any advance of the enemy to your home. Additionally, in certain instances, you will see that each player’s capabilities are at their peak when the bar in front of them is filled. But there’s one aspect you’ll be required to keep in mind the mana the castle is able to offer. It is important to understand the mana cost for every hero when using the techniques to make choices during the battle.

Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021 Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021


When you take on more and more enemies as you kill more and more enemies in Wild Castle TD, you will earn an amount of experience. This will continue to grow until you reach a certain level. The benefit of leveling upwards is that you receive a skill level and new boxes that you can use to construct buildings or heroes. So raising the amount of skill is necessary and evident once you have defeated various opponents on the game’s screen. Furthermore, when you earn skill points, you must select the skill you want to use.

On the left edge of your screen, you’ll see a violet pot that has instructions to increase your skills within the section called Talents. This section is where you’ll find various skills you can improve and affect all aspects of your battle against your foe, such as power, increasing the amount of cash you receive, and sometimes gaining more knowledge.


It would be best to note two sources within Wild Castle TD, which are gold coins and gems that you can earn following each fight. By selecting two options after each game, you’ll have the ability to upgrade the element multiple times. If you still have money, you’ll be able to upgrade to an element you need, such as adding more archers to your castle to fight off opponents. There’s a break for you to make the required upgrades prior to beginning the next round.

Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021 Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021

Another aspect you’ll be fascinated by is the power of the heroes you are able to utilize. Particularly, you’ll be using the money to boost their abilities as well as to purchase a quantity of gold. Gems can also be utilized to help heroes advance to new branches in their respective classes. The game features a variety of heroes that have different branches you’ll need to be concerned about and improve based on your requirements.

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