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App Name Black Border: Simulator Game
Publisher Bitzooma Game Studio
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Version 1.0.89
Mod Info Full Paid Version
Update November 8, 2021 (2 months ago)
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A thrilling role is available inside Black Border: Border Patrol Simulator Game to allow players to gain access to and experience the immigration screening. You’ll be the one who examines and decides whether you want people to enter the country you reside in or deny them entry. Additionally, the difficulties and requirements will continue to grow, and you will have to adhere to them with complete accuracy. Also, don’t neglect to try the task to alter the appearance of your character.

Black Border: Simulator Game


The player will step into a fantasy world in which countries are conflicted; however, peace has been restored, and the borders are open. Then, you’ll be assigned a leisurely job, but you will need to be careful and knowledgeable to discover the mystery. As border guard, The person in charge will need to determine if the passports of the people who enter your country are in line with what’s required at the top of the screen. Then, they can let individuals enter your country.

You’ll play as this character and view everything from a first-person view beginning each day with a space like the one you usually encounter at airports where the characters are able to sign their documents. Additionally, you will interact with the elements on the table, like stamps, microphones, or select actions that require the characters to for explanations. Then, you’ll have the option of approving these characters or not. That is the reason this game demands your attention.

Black Border: Simulator Game


As stated above, You will be the one who will approve or deny entries of the players who are in front of your eyes. There is a good chance that if you fail to accomplish the task or task you are given, severe consequences may happen in the play. However, your task will repeat in the same manner. However, each one is unique and has its challenges to be considered. You’ll also learn the extent to which your error amount is left.

The passport will be provided to you, that you need to examine the components to verify the authenticity of your passport. One difference from the original image, you may deny the entry request for the characters. Also, don’t forget to explain the modifications in the passport to make it easier for you to come to a choice. It is also important to be cautious in your stamping procedure and select the correct stamping area.

Black Border: Simulator Game

In time, determining your gender or appearance is not a frequently employed factor, but it can be moved to other areas. The people you encounter initially are simply individuals looking to get into your country, even though they’re only foreigners. You will also encounter several of the risky factors that are present in the real world. There are people who have weapons or items that traffickers smuggle. Thus, allowing them in without checking the item could be extremely risky.


This is a simulation-based game, and therefore, aspects similar to real-life will be included in Black Border to help players feel as if they are in the real world. The most important thing to consider is the length of time you’ll have to complete your work. In particular, you’ll have an entire day of work and, once you have counted to zero, you will also conclude the day’s tasks. However, there are some dangers that occur when you have completed the challenge.

Black Border: Simulator Game

Another thing you’ll be required to think about is immigration laws which are displayed at the start of your day. When you invite anyone from the outside to join you and sign documents, you’ll need to be aware of the laws enforced at the appropriate level. In particular, they will provide your audience’s limitations and guidelines regarding these topics. It also serves as the basis for evaluating and decide on entry options for those who meet the criteria to prevent unforeseen situations.

In the course of play, there will be numerous players taking the time needed to complete. So, each day during playing, you will receive an additional request, and you’ll not be capable of ignoring it. The requests will become larger and more complicated every day. In the meantime, you’ll also have to deal with more violent terrorist attacks and plots to store dangerous and illegal items. With captivating gameplay, you’ll be able to keep your eyes off the game.


When playing Black Border in the game, you’ll be confronted with a myriad of things ranging from the simple to the scheming because they’ll find ways to get around your examinations. In addition to the dangers such as scheming, some players use the money in order to persuade you to take their offer. It would be best if you thought about the way you play according to the rules and accepted an occasional bribe to boost your enjoyment in the sport. However, it is important to take note of these rules to be safe.

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