Elroi: Defense War v1.17.00 MOD APK (Free Summoning)

App Name Elroi: Defense War
Publisher Ninetap
Size 188M
Version 1.17.00
Mod Info Free Summoning
Update November 19, 2021 (6 months ago)
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1. No Limit to Summoning
2. Summoning not be Consumed

Elroi Defense War offers a two-dimensional graphic that allows players to experience direct combat between two lines of attack. The images are handled meticulously, something that anyone will appreciate. The scene and surroundings in the game are intriguing. Even though it doesn’t interfere with the game’s screen, but it does provide exciting new experiences as you go to different locations.

Elroi : Defense War

The game will have many different kinds of gameplay that players will go through as they progress. However, as previously mentioned, it’s also a chance for players to go into new territories in which they are in a position to view every screen’s view. Additionally, they will have to encounter a variety of enemies that have different forms. They are indeed warriors who have various elements of fantasy and will provide the player with desires for entertainment.


Elroi: Defense War has an accessible yet demanding gameplay for players. The game screen will comprise two sides. The player’s side will appear located on the left-hand edge of the game. Both sides will be facing one another, and the fighters on both sides slowly appear to eliminate the opponent if one of them can take down the enemy’s boss or building and win the game’s screen. Therefore, you’ll try to eliminate the enemy boss; however, it’s not a simple task.

Elroi : Defense War

In particular, players try to summon warriors that they meet in the course of playing. This can result in a rise in overtime throughout the experience. When you summon these warriors, they’ll attack automatically without having any control. It is best to be concentrated on summoning more of them and forming a formidable team to take on the foe. However, the strategy of the game isn’t limited to that.

Elroi : Defense War

The game features the ability to use resources that can be used every time you summon a character. Based on the building’s level and the level of the warrior, their number will grow and grant you access to a variety of surfaces. In particular, the number of resources you’ll use will increase as you make upgrades and can also use up the same quantity of resources. In the event of a situation, you’ll have various options and be required to consider various scenarios carefully.

Elroi : Defense War


Elroi: Defense War gives entirely understandable yet amazing gameplay due to the difficulty it brings. The players will be involved in difficult combat with a variety of enemies that have various strengths. Thus, adding new warriors to the team is an essential requirement for any player to be attentive. Every character comes with a cost and worth.

While playing, another thing you can’t ignore when playing is the help of the main building, which can summon characters to fight the adversaries. It wasn’t an object that remained stationary and was targeted. It’ll have a quantity of HP and also a skill associated with it. Players can experience a variety of kinds of abilities, and they can be cooled completely. One drawback of this type of skill is the lengthy waiting duration.

Elroi : Defense War

Apart from finding strength, constructing an imposing fortress is something that anyone could think of. As time passes, your fortresses will be inevitably increased as well as, simultaneously, the amount of HP will also grow. This lets you withstand fierce attacks from enemies completely and extend the time to make new characters. It is certain that you will be awed by this game.


Elroi: Defense War revolves around a strategy-based game and character summoning, which any player will enjoy due to the excitement it offers. Each character requires some amount of resources. The number of resources consumed can increase with time. In parallel, players gather a variety of characters with various stats and will increase the size of their fortress. The fights will enthrall you.

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