PAC-MAN v10.1.4 MOD APK (God Mode/High Scrore)

App Name PAC-MAN
Publisher Bandai Namco
Size 70M
Version 10.1.4
Mod Info God Mode/High scrore
Update November 17, 2021 (6 months ago)
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  • God Mode
  • High scrore

The game PAC-MAN is not new to many players from all over the world. If people hear the name PAC-MAN, they immediately imagine the game played on the Arcade platform. It is a highly acclaimed game, both in the past and now. The game was first introduced to an enormous audience in the year 1980, and, from the time it was launched to the present, it has grown into an iconic game in the world gaming market.

Following the huge success in the sport, there were different versions of PAC-MAN. versions, like the 3D version, which attracted lots of people. However, as the world is changing with every passing day, and we are in the 4.0 age, everybody has a mobile phone. In keeping with the current trends in the marketplace, the producer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has released an update of its mobile platform called PACMAN to cater to the needs of gamers.

This game is still the finest features of the older versions but has several significant enhancements. It is now possible to play this classic game at any time and anywhere. So don’t last a minute. Download “PAC-MAN” for mobile platforms right now.

PAC-MAN (MOD, Unlimited Lives)


The gameplay is the same as before it, and one difference gameplay is that instead of playing with the physical buttons of Arcade machines, you use the buttons to control the game. The game’s objective is controlling PAC-MAN’s movements in the maze and eating tiny yellow dots known as Pac-dots. In this scenario, the PAC-MAN will be pursued by four ghosts. They will discover a way to get a hold of the game. These ghosts are called Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

They will seek out PAC-MAN within the maze in order to take it down. The mission of PAC-MAN will be harder because they need to eat pac-dots and avoid ghosts’ pursuit. Since if PAC-MAN allows them to touch someone, they’ll be killed. However, that doesn’t mean you should not fight them.

PAC-MAN (MOD, Unlimited Lives)

In addition, in the maze, they will appear bigger than normal moon dots. These dots are referred to as the Power Pill. If PAC-MAN consumes these pellets, they’ll be able to consume ghosts within a short period of time. During this time, ghosts will slowly move and will turn green in order to ward off the pursue of the PAC-MAN. If PAC-MAN eats the spirit, then their eyes will back to where they were and begin the process of destroying and finding PAC-MAN.

To control PAC-MAN, players must utilize the fingers of their hands to move towards the side they want PAC-MAN’s movement. Every turn, each player must use three networks to finish the task. This is an extremely easy and easy game. However, it can be extremely difficult to learn.

PAC-MAN (MOD, Unlimited Lives)


It is considered to be an version of the game that is an upgrade from the previous version. Therefore, the game should have distinct features to attract players.


As opposed to the older version of Arcade machines, there’s only one maze which players are able to play only once. Many players get bored by this, which is why the game’s creators have come up with more mazes to explore.

Daily Duties

Everyday, the inventive gaming team will come up with various new challenges that players can explore. Try to finish all of them in order for the chance to win the Token. The tasks should not be difficult in terms of time to finish like eating 20 ghosts and gaining 1100 points…


Every week, there’ll be a new tournament that will take place in which you compete in order to play against other players. This can be an incentive to aid players in improving their ability to control their actions and calculate. Players will be given the Token for participating in tournaments. It will also be a rating to determine the player’s rank, and you must try to get the highest scores and be a part of the leader’s list.


This is the currency of the game. A player is able to use them to lock new screens. Alongside performing regular tasks or taking part on tournaments for Token it is possible to earn Token in an option to earn the daily reward for the game.

PAC-MAN (MOD, Unlimited Lives)


This version of it is still played in the classic graphic style in 8 bits. This style of graphics will help to bring back memories of many gamers who played this game before on Arcade machines. The gameplay is extremely smooth, and the player will not experience any lag during the game. The sound quality of the game keeps the familiar sound of the original version of Arcade. When playing the game, gamers will feel very familiar. What are you waiting for? Why not go back to the past to play the mobile version of PAC-MAN this time?

Download PAC-MAN (MOD, God Mode/High Scrore)

Download (70M)

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