Wonder Merge v1.3.60 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

App Name Wonder Merge
Publisher CookApps
Size 73M
Version 1.3.60
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Update November 21, 2021 (6 months ago)
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MOD Info?
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited pearls
  • Dragons will have infinite stamina
  • Dragons will never sleep

(Buy anything to get a unlimited money).

Wonder Merge the Magic Merging as well as Collecting Game is a wonderful puzzle game in which players become magical dragons in order to rebuild their homes and expand the area they reside in. The plot of the game centers around the mythical fire-breathing creatures that for centuries inhabited the Celestial Meadow until they got filthy after applying the curse of a fairy.

To get rid of these creatures, the Dragon has to get the support of the user and then combine like animals to create more powerful creatures. Each animal is required to restore damaged areas and then return to its former form to us.


In this adventure game Wonder Merge, you will be in a world of fantasy and using your powers to restore ruined, dry, and frozen regions. In addition, you’ll be the best friends of magical, amazing creatures and combine them into your own dream-like island in this top merging and collecting game.

Through the ages, the mysterious Sky Meadow prospered until the greed of the inhabitants destroyed it. Landscape and you need to join the creatures and develop in order to restore the land. All creatures have to join forces to save the land and avert the curse of old.

Combine and mix with three items or more to discover the development of each one, combining eggs lets, you gather dragons and other creatures. It also lets you unleash your fusion magic which heals areas filled with Broken dragon land and transforms them into a magical land of your desires.

Wonder Merge – Magic Merging and Collecting Games


Wonder Merge is a fun game of fusion for everyone with its unique feature. Players require players to join creatures from the earth to investigate the creation of endlessly amazing items within the game. The players can join with three creatures or more to transform into an object and transform it to revive the frozen world.

Elfs will appear and work their magical appearances on the ground so that it is possible to combine them in accordance with the species you prefer. Fusion is simple and simple, meaning that players can accomplish it quickly and improve the frozen landscape and break up the black matte items.

Wonder Merge – Magic Merging and Collecting Games


After merging objects after combining items, there is a yellow circle within the game. Therefore, players need to join them to improve their terrain. If you combine the yellow circles, it will create a magical effect that makes the deserted lands more beautiful and creates new creatures.

When you play Wonder Merge through many levels, there will be a variety of eggs with a variety of roles, and when you combine eggs, they transform into dragons, as in your mind. Dragons possess unique powers and allow you to make creatures grow to take eggs. The word keeps repeating. The more creatures that you mix together and the more eggs you’ll find, and you will see hundreds of dragons with different powers come to aid you in the development of your terrain. These dragons will change your land to improve it.

Wonder Merge – Magic Merging and Collecting Games


It is the Wonder Merge game that will keep you in the process of collecting and merging until your area grows. The players will continue to join and collect evolutions in order to make your Wonder Merge’s land more enjoyable. If you mix with as many creatures as you can and collect more eggs, you can grow the land more. Furthermore, you will get help from elves during the process of improving the land.

You are able to fuse as you wish and freely merge dragons or eggs without having to pay an amount. The whole process is totally free. That means you can fusion any species of the same type without any restrictions in any cell. you can drag creatures to the location of fusion you prefer, and then they’ll form eggs that will help you to improve the terrain.

This is a thrilling game of puzzles. The player’s mission is to restore Sky Meadow by fusion of eggs, collecting dragons and changing creatures, and more. All of these are in your grasp to save the landscape. It is up to you to overcome this fusion puzzle in order to pass through difficult levels.

The sound and graphics in the gameplay an essential aspect that makes this game appealing to many players due to the graphics being vibrant and the sound is relaxing. Take part in the battle to get rid of the dirt and to create a brand new and more beautiful area.

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