Kinda Heroes v2.50 MOD APK (Free Shopping/Unlocked)

App Name Kinda Heroes
Publisher Kinda Heroes
Size 50M
Version 2.50
Mod Info Free Shopping/Unlocked
Update October 11, 2021 (9 months ago)
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Download (50M)
  • Free Skill Upgrade
  • Unlimited Currency (decrease under 0, but no error).

If you’re a fan of role-playing games, you must choose the Kinda Heroes game: Legendary RPG, Rescue the Princess. Role-playing games provide players with amusement while providing players the opportunity to experience a variety of experiences. The players will encounter a variety of enemies that have a variety of difficulty levels. Additionally, the stories let players explore the game’s features and are played alongside the combats that are part of the game. The idea is that once you have completed the level, a brand new story will begin.


Kinda Heroes: Legendary RPG, Rescue the Princess, provides players with different graphics for similar games of the genre. When you start the game, you will see images from the past and adorable characters. So, players will be impressed by the game’s graphics and would like to try it.

Kinda Heroes (MOD, Free Shopping/Unlocked) ***

The size of the characters isn’t huge; however, it’s not any less enjoyable since this game can bring fun and comfort to players. Additionally, there are numerous other reasons that make it easy for players to appreciate the general colors that the game provides. In particular, at the beginning of the game, players will see the cutscene that tells this game’s story. Even though they’re focused on war, they possess an original look and feel that appeals to gamers.

Kinda Heroes gives you an additional perspective that will aid in your understanding of the game. The matches also are played in a 2D plane. The game can be played on numerous platforms. This allows you to concentrate on fighting because the game is more skill-based. Therefore, it could be described as the best graphics this game has.


Within Kinda Heroes: Legendary RPG, Rescue the Princess, players face off against creatures and fight for their lives. Particularly, you’ll be taught skills to defend or attack. These abilities are put between the left and right sides of your screen. There is no reason to move around, and the transitions happen in a seamless manner. Your task is to eliminate monsters and complete the game.

Kinda Heroes (MOD, Free Shopping/Unlocked) ***

For those who are new to the game, it also provides players with the correct guidelines. In particular, the instruction will be focused on the primary aspects, such as defense and attacking using weapons. It helps players grasp the basics of the game quickly and slowly learn it in the course of their game’s mission.

This game has eight kinds of characters. Each character comes with strengths and weaknesses. So, players will discover a way to play and choose the right path for their particular character. In the meantime, you’ll gradually find that the game offers the tools to play this. It is possible to say that it’s not a straightforward process because you’ll have to know what kind of your character is. For instance, when you have an archer as a character using a recharge for a time and dealing a larger amount of damage can be done.


The game are two aspects that require you to focus on the equipment and abilities. Equipment is an important element that grants the character new abilities to fight creatures in the next stage. It is also as a lengthy process since you’ll have to complete numerous adventures to acquire better equipment or ways to get these.

Kinda Heroes (MOD, Free Shopping/Unlocked) ***

Within Kinda Heroes: Legendary RPG, Rescue the Princess, characters will acquire a variety of techniques. Each skill comes with a timer so that it can be timed to unleash a powerful attack against the adversary. Additionally, selecting the best abilities is a necessary and time-consuming process. The fights are also the perfect opportunity to test new abilities and decide on the best upgrade path.

These two elements work effectively in the fight against monsters. There are many kinds of monsters, and you’ll be facing 1 or 3 of them in a game. Therefore, you must make sure you’re equipped to defeat them. As time passes, monsters appear larger than normal monsters and could be considered bosses. You’ll see the statistics for each category besides your own. It’s going to be a challenging game and will depend on the skill of the player.

Kinda Heroes (MOD, Free Shopping/Unlocked) ***


While playing a simple yet demanding gameplay, players move from one level to the next. In the same way, the gameplay experience the game will alter as they play through numerous actions. It is, for instance, experiencing the story while meeting characters and increasing the power of the kidney. This game does a superb job of providing entertaining players.

Kinda Heroes (MOD, Free Shopping/Unlocked) ***

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