Beat Blade: Dash Dance v2.6.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Blade Pass)

App Name Beat Blade: Dash Dance
Publisher BattleCry HQ Studio
Size 120M
Version 2.6.6
Mod Info Unlimited Money/Blade Pass
Update November 17, 2021 (8 months ago)
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Download (120M)
MOD V1 Info?
  • Unlimited Coins
MOD V2 Info?
  • Unlimited coins;
  • All weapons are open;
  • Purchased paid Blade Pass and disabled ads;
  • You can get free stuff without seeing ads.

Beat Blade is a game that has a unique appeal due to its flawless layout design and stunning visual effects that enthral players in a way that makes them forget about the world around them.

If you’re passionate about VR games, then you’ve surely played a game simulation known as Beat Saber. The players will make use of the hay blades to swing and turn and slash neon cubes moving towards you. Furthermore, it makes use of the most popular background music of today. Due to VR technology that includes music and vibrant colors, the game created quite a buzz. Beat Blade: Dash Dance is the mobile version of the game. While it does not use VR technology, there are some changes that bring an original style. Do you love a Ninja? Do you wish to play endlessly in a running game? Are you excited to enjoy the music of your idols? The whole world is gathered for this fun.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Amazing graphics, distinctive design, based on context, and then animation

This is the very first thing that draws people’s attention in the game. Beat Blade: Dash Dance designed a unique platform that you instantly desire to experience. For instance, in Beat Saber, you will be seated and feel that all around you fast. In the game Dash Dance, players will continuously move forward and overcome obstacles. The differences in how they feel provide a unique experience, not just mediocre.

Beat Blade will have its environment exactly as the well-known Cyberpunk theme. The colors of the game will include a mix of vibrant colors and neon effects. Because of this, it will make the player feel as if they are in a world of the future. Furthermore, this is an audio game, so you must use headphones to enhance your enjoyment. It is possible to forget about the reality of life to completely immerse your mind in the game with its fast-paced pace with beautiful music, stunning sounds, and stunning images.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Visual effects aid in the game process

Graphic effects can also be the main draw in this game, compared with other games of a similar category. If you move in the game, you can see your character moving like an actual Ninja. The players will be able to feel each step to be in sync with the beat. Because of this, you can effortlessly pick beats that match your mood. This means you don’t even need to glance at your screen to figure out which direction to go in.

Furthermore, when you begin to cut into a beat, you will see lights emanating from the hands of Ninja. This is extremely appropriate and is in line with the tempo of the track. This means that the player will experience quick and decisive actions, not be slowing down during the movement. When the speed of the music is increased, it is easy to keep track of the progression that the player is making.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance (MOD, Unlimited Money)

The focus is on flexible movement and music

As stated, Beat Blade: Dash Dance excels in creating animations for the characters. If you’ve had the pleasure of falling in love with Temple Run, this game will satisfy you. Playing as a Ninja during the game is as simple as holding and dragging the screen. When you release the drag, Ninja will continue to follow straight and straight to the central space on the screen. This feature allows you to let your hands rest slightly in the event that there aren’t any obstructions ahead. However, if there is a problem, it is imperative to swiftly move your fingers over the screen and then take control.

The difficulty of the game is not difficult. There are two aspects you must keep an eye on beats and obstacles that appear across the tracks. It would be best if you avoided obstacles and cut all beats. Both of these things need to be controlled simultaneously. Suppose you come across obstacles and fail to make the mark. Due to this, it isn’t infinite, but it does come to an end. The majority of the time, it is based on the level of difficulty in the song. It is more lengthy, and the faster it is more difficult it will be to finish. Thus, select the music and play it to your ability to enjoy the most enjoyment.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Weapons of the character , along with regular updates every week

The characters in Beat Blade make use of a knife to cut into beats that appear on the game’s screen. It’s an accessory that adds visual appeal but can have an amazing impact. The players who are using the traditional kind of Ninja sword for an extended duration will be bored. With just a minor change in weapons, players can experience the progression of the game more. Also, every month, Beat Blade: Dash Dance will be updated with updates, enhancements, and updates. The game hasn’t yet launched new characters of characters. It is still possible to play Ninja, and in the future, it could be different. The game is slowly getting better to provide the most enjoyable experience to players. Keep an eye out for positive improvements offline.

Download Beat Blade: Dash Dance (MOD, Unlimited Money/Blade Pass)

Download (120M)

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