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App Name Company of Heroes
Publisher Feral Interactive, Feral Interactive Ltd
Size 3.7GB
Version 1.3RC8
Update November 19, 2021 (6 months ago)
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  • The game will probably have a patch soon or maybe never. All Feral Interactive games are well coded and protected.
  • We still provide APK and OBB files retrieved from the purchased app. Hope someone can “Patcher” it

Company of Heroes APK is a huge-scale strategy game that can be highly customized to give players the ferocity of the battlegrounds of WW2.

The events that have occurred throughout the history of the world can be great subjects for the development of many different games, like adventure, simulation, action and strategy. Particularly World War 2, a major event that shaped the globe, an event that which was the result of the battles between the West nations. When you think of one of the best games on WW2 battlefields, it’s important to make mention of Company of Heroes.

It’s a strategy game that is real-time that has been made available on various platforms, and it will be accessible on mobile platforms that have gameplay and features that work with that platform. If you play the gaming experience, you will be the vastness of the battlefield with many well-known battles and challenges to their skills as a tactical player.

Company of Heroes


On arrival on arrival at Company of Heroes players will be welcomed to a massive campaign set on top of the renowned WW2 locations for events. The game however only includes The Allies campaign, along with maps that are based off the battles the Allies participated in.

As the game progresses through The Allies campaign, participants will be faced with various challenges. And they’re built on distinct maps, each with a variety of objectives that are unique for players to explore. Of course, the game will also introduce something new to the genre of real-time strategies like scripted-scenarios, and a myriad of unexpected events within the story.

Company of Heroes


In every campaign, players are able to be able to command an army that can achieve a variety of objectives and tasks. The entire campaign will be displayed in an eye-level view, with numerous features that will allow players to keep on top of their battlefields more efficiently. In combat, of course players are able replenish forces, replenish supplies and manage several units simultaneously to create a real-world battlefield.

They are playing the role of generals so that they can control a variety of troops that are on the ground. Additionally, the player should also know how to bring the units in order for them to make the most of their capabilities and also to reduce casualties during battle. The game can also serve numerous special features including calling for aerial support, artillery support, and other kinds of support for the battlefield.

Company of Heroes


Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game that has a complex gameplay and a lot to be learned by players. However, thanks to an interface specifically designed for mobiledevices, the game are different. Users can control every unit, or command them as well as a myriad of other ways to get around on the battlefield. Additionally, players can easily switch between various units by using the features that are available in the game’s screen.

The player can also expand the capabilities of a device by tapping and hold. A circle with multiple commands will be displayed instantly. The console is also enhanced with additional features, which provides an authentic experience of an actual WW2 battlefield for the player. The game offers a lot for players to study and discover, and by following the tutorials and the interface of the game the game becomes more user-friendly than it has ever been

Company of Heroes


Company of Heroes will bring players a variety of famous campaigns from WW2 and will develop every challenge’s progression in a way that is surprising enough to keep players entertained. Each challenge will have a game could limit the number of units players can manage, as well as aiding the player with a variety of different vehicles and equipment. If the player meets the goals of the challenge they will unlock new capabilities like production and never-ending reinforcements.

In addition, when fighting it is possible to investigate and upgrade the army in real time, aiding them in their journey to the battlefield, and boost the effectiveness of their fight. The game brings players many of the most famous troops which appeared during WW2 and includes distinctive features that make the tactical component clear.

Company of Heroes


Unusual , real-time strategy games that make an impression on players with their gameplay and features however, the brand new graphics make it stand out, and draw players. Of obviously, Company of Heroes when arriving on the mobile platform will present players with the latest 3D graphics that will recreate battlegrounds and buildings with the greatest accuracy manner.

Additionally, its visuals will be attractive and will leave an impression on players, providing the real-life feel of a WW2 battlefield. Beyond graphics, players can take in the most impressive soundtracks and songs with themes of war stimulation of the player, and providing an array of new experiences in playing the game.

Company of Heroes

In on the PC console, Company of Heroes is thought to be to be one of the most played games that are real-time, because it provides players with famous WW2 battles and a dazzling gameplay that is entertaining.

This is why the game’s mobile version has drawn a lot of attention from gamers and promises that it will be one of the most realistic live-action strategy games. If you’re a fan of the contemporary strategy genre and have a WW2 context, and an extensive series of campaigns and games, then this one is sure to be one of your top games once it is released.

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