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Update November 20, 2021 (6 months ago)
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Works on Android 4.1 and higher;
Optimization for weak devices;
Removed unnecessary languages (only Russian and Ukrainian remained);
Removed unnecessary graphics and garbage;
Removed various tracking, analytics, measurement, debugging information and crashlitycs;
Removed ads from the application;
Removed unnecessary splashes;
Compression + Zipalign;
The manifest is cleaned;
Removed extra libraries.

Maps programs have evolved into indispensable tools for travelers, whether they are traveling inside a city or across the globe. The most well-known example is Google Maps, but it has one significant drawback: it requires an Internet connection. For this reason, 2GIS, an offline map with high accuracy, complete information, and the ability to continuously update new data whenever the Internet is accessible, will be discussed in this article. Because cities are enormous in scale, with a plethora of businesses and structures, not everyone will be able to recall all of the aspects that are simple and straightforward to traverse. In addition, users may get information about stores and record the most exact address or navigation with 2GIS’s geolocation technology.


In order to provide the best user experience, 2GIS is a smart map that can be operated at any time and from any location. It has a user-friendly and refined interface. Furthermore, the program will handle a large number of foreign languages, allowing users to rapidly gather all of the necessary addresses. The app’s primary color scheme is user-friendly, but it also has several customization options that allow the user to customize the appearance of the interface. Users will be provided with several toolbars and tools to help them arrange their information in a logical manner, as well as simple iconography and different map views. 2GIS’s map data will cover the whole planet, and users will be able to discover everything they are looking for quickly and efficiently using the interface.

2GIS: Directory, Map, Navigator APK + MOD


Differently from Google Maps, 2GIS puts the user’s current position first on the map, and it does so each time the user logs in to the program. This makes it easier for people to understand the map and the surrounding area, including stores, right away, and other structures are included. 2GIS’s data is diversified and abundant, and in some cases, completely thorough, whether it is about tiny local businesses or stores that are not available anywhere else in the globe. Users may immediately interact with the map by scrolling or dragging their fingertips over the screen for enhanced map coverage. They may also activate or disable a variety of display capabilities, such as the name of the street, the name of the street, the name of the neighborhood, and many more. If it is important to travel in abandoned areas, the user will even be provided with a compass to aid them.

2GIS: Directory, Map, Navigator APK + MOD


2GIS will interface with a wide range of artificial intelligence-powered products, allowing users to navigate easily along the shortest path within the application. The navigation is extensive and convenient, and the user may even enter the address by voice if they are unable to type because they are driving or if their hands are otherwise occupied. The program also merges with male or female voices with pinpoint accuracy, and the language may be altered according to the user’s taste. It also includes extensive instructions for operation. As a result, the app will always direct users to their desired destination using the quickest and most efficient paths. In offline mode, the user’s local map data may be utilized to finish the route quickly and efficiently. The user only has to pick the destination, and the software will assist you in completing it.

2GIS: Directory, Map, Navigator APK + MOD


Because of the precision and convenience it provides to the user, today’s smart maps significantly outperform any manual or paper map available in the past. 2GIS may be used to search for the names of services, businesses, and enterprises without the requirement for users to provide their exact addresses, and these results are still easily accessible. It’s straightforward; the user only has to input the name or product name, and the program will begin tracing the information locally and providing them with a list of facts. It’s a practical and helpful function that, in many ways, goes above and beyond Google Maps, which is only an online map. Not only may users search for buildings or businesses, but they can also search for any service they require, such as public transportation, a post office, and other services, using 2GIS.

2GIS: Directory, Map, Navigator APK + MOD


If you are someone who enjoys traveling, then 2GIS offers even more reasons to be the ideal map software for your needs. As a result of the plethora of travel guides, tour guides, and several itinerary options, it is possible to visit even the most intriguing sites on the planet. The guides contain even more intriguing information, ensuring that consumers are constantly on the lookout for difficulties or services relating to local culture in advance. With the qualities listed above, 2GIS can entirely transform into an effective travel companion, allowing users to have the finest trip experience possible, which is something that other maps just cannot provide. What’s even more amazing is that the app will include the greatest souvenirs, which will be rich in local flair and culture and available at reasonable costs in a variety of destinations across the world.

2GIS: Directory, Map, Navigator APK + MOD

When it comes to individuals who often use maps or travel, the usefulness and possibilities of 2GIS appear to be limitless, since the program is coupled with a variety of AI-powered tools and can be used offline. The offline functionality, in particular, is the most impressive and beneficial, allowing users to establish their current direction or location in any neighborhood and then guide them to the desired spot quickly and correctly without the need for an internet connection. If you are a person who is frequently bewildered or who needs to locate a variety of locations, 2GIS will be the ideal map for you.

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