The Walking Dead: Survivors v1.14.0 MOD APK (Immortal/One Hit)

App Name The Walking Dead: Survivors
Publisher Galaxy Play Technology Limited
Size 452M
Version 1.14.0
Mod Info Immortal/One Hit
Update November 24, 2021 (6 months ago)
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  • God Mode
  • One Hit

NOTE: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy game developed by Galaxy Play Technology Limited. To play this game, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or higher and have approximately 452M of free disk space. Currently, we have modded the game to unlock premium features so that you can experience the game in the best way. The version of this mod is 1.11.3 with features such as Immortal/One Hit and always updated as soon as the game is updated.

In The Walking Dead: Survivors (MOD, Immortal/One Hit Kill), players must explore and develop their treasured survivor sanctuary, which is a turn-based RPG that incorporates base-building mechanics.

Perhaps the issue of illnesses and natural catastrophes is the one that everyone is interested in at any given time. Films with themes of influenza, outbreaks, and viruses have always drawn a great number of impersonators, and this has continued in recent years. As a result, in the field of game creation, games on virtually any subject are highly developed. The game of ultimate survival, as well as the zombie plague, are two of the most popular queries that have been made in recent years on Google. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the game The Walking Dead: Survivors, which has lately taken the gaming world by storm.

The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK


Indeed, you have probably seen films about zombies, a theme that is now popular and appealing to a wide range of individuals. It’s possible that movies on this subject are popular because they contain elements of terror and suspense. In addition, the game that is based on this theme is quite popular. The Walking Dead: Survivors video game is a good illustration of this. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people download the game.

Galaxy Play Technology Limited is responsible for the development and publication of the game. If you are a lover of zombie horror themes, you will not be able to ignore the game that is producing a frenzied response in the gaming community on this particular phone. The game is being created in the form of a survival game blended with dramatic action, and it provides players with pleasure via the use of random individuals and events. Are you prepared to join the world’s most brutal survival game, complete with a compelling plot, exhilarating gameplay, and terrifying details? Are you prepared to enter the world’s most violent survival game?

The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK


If you are familiar with the film The Walking Dead, the plot of the game will not be too unfamiliar to you. In the metropolis, a deadly illness has swept across the population. The virus is disseminated by the bites of infected individuals. Those afflicted with the virus will lose their humanity and will instead turn into zombies, spreading the infection throughout the world. These zombies are roaming the streets of your city. Despite the fact that it has only been a few months, the city has descended into chaos and disarray, as though the human world is slowly dissolving and being replaced by rotting corpses. Every second of every day, humans compete with one another for survival. The government and the general public are in a state of fear and turmoil.

Rich, a police chief, awakens from a coma to find himself in the middle of a crisis. But first, he must locate his wife and son, who have been missing for many days. The question is, how can Rick be able to live and battle in this horrific zombie world? Because you will be playing the role of Rick and accompanying your allies in their battle against the undead, you will have the last say. Because the game merely depends on the movie’s narrative to create its material, you won’t have to worry about knowing too much about the circumstances that may occur. In fact, many aspects of the game will always be new and interesting to discover.

The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK


The Walking Dead: Survivors is a strategy game that has an appealing survival element. Survival is the most important goal in the game. The world is full of nasty zombies that are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to attack and transmit the sickness to you. In addition to zombies, those who find themselves in the presence of death are always the cruelest and most depraved. You will be confronted with several perils. Because your struggle for survival is not just about you, you will unavoidably come into contact with other people as you compete for limited resources to survive.

It has easy gameplay that everyone can play, but it is unpredictable in terms of how long players will be able to live. Your first mission will take you to an abandoned base on a remote island, where you will spend the rest of the game. Now, on the map, there will be various things to gather; go ahead and do so, as they may provide you with increased survivability. In the event that you are fortunate, you will have discovered a weapon with which to defend yourself when you initially begin the game. And if you come across zombies that have a weak beginning ability, running away rather than confronting them is the better option.

The Walking Dead: Survivors MOD APK


The Walking Dead: Because zombies are far too powerful, survivors will devote their energies to surviving rather than fighting. As a result, obtaining supplies of food and water should be a priority. To survive, you must build shelters and dwellings, and the resources you locate on the map will be used to make a safe haven for yourself and your fellow survivors. Assembling your own weapons out of seemingly insignificant items is also a demonstration of your inventiveness.

Because every player in the game is friendly, you should use caution when dealing with them. Also available on the map are opportunities to acquire stuff, sell them for what you need more of, or trade with others to get the items that you desire. Players’ imaginations and ingenuity are stimulated by the elements of surprise that are incorporated into this survival game. The scenarios of battling and sheltering the zombies will provide gamers with the sensation of being able to stand motionless. Download the game on your phone right now to get the most amazing and fantastic experience of your life!

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