Hunting Clash v2.49.2 MOD APK (Auto Aim)

App Name Hunting Clash
Publisher Ten Square Games
Size 150M
Version 2.49.2
Mod Info Auto Aim
Update November 26, 2021 (6 months ago)
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MOD Info?
  • The sight does not swing;
  • The appearance of the ring of accuracy has been accelerated (it appears on the animal, if you shoot at it, there will be 100% accuracy).

Hunting Clash is a simulation game developed by Ten Square Games. To play this game, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or higher and have approximately 150M of free disk space. Currently, we have modded the game to unlock premium features so that you can experience the game in the best way. The version of this mod is 2.48 with features such as Auto Aim and always updated as soon as the game is updated.

hunters who make their living by hunting wild animals are creatures that have been granted permission to be hunted by the government. Hunters use a variety of tools, depending on the size of the animals they are hunting, to accomplish their goals, including firearms, traps, cages, and other devices. So, have you ever had the opportunity to spend a day in the life of a hunter? What do you think about using hunting rifles to hunt huge game animals and harvest ingredients from them, such as flesh, horns, and other critical parts? For a realistic hunter simulation experience, download Hunting Clash, a new generation hunter simulation game that claims to deliver the most authentic experiences possible. This game is real, as it allows the player to hunt non-rare animals and experience many of the problems that a professional hunter would face in his or her career.

Hunting Clash MOD APK


In every part of the world, hunters may be found; many of them live deep within forests, have little interaction with the outside world, and may even make their living by hunting wild animals. Furthermore, because every region of the world has its own environment, hunters must be able to adapt to their surroundings and be willing to hunt a broad range of animals in any conditions. The life of a hunter may be lonely, but it is filled with happiness when there is always game that is large, juicy, and aromatic for every barbeque. It is as a result of these considerations that the game will offer the finest possible circumstances for players to enjoy a realistic hunting experience in terms of weaponry, environment, climate, weather, and visuals. With simply the criteria listed above, players will be confronted by an environment designed for professional hunters, one that is not overly ornate, but rather plain and hazardous.

Hunting Clash MOD APK


When hunters may hunt peaceful creatures on a daily basis, their lives are made more perilous by the possibility of being hunted by other terrible animals. As a result, hunters will have a plethora of options for hunting, and they will even be prepared to be the prey, ready to be hunted at any point in time. Depending on the player’s capacity to watch, he or she can be both a hunter and a hunted when participating in this game. Despite the fact that the game has a large number of animals, they may still be defeated if the player uses the proper weapon.

Hunting Clash MOD APK


The gameplay provides players with a genuine hunting experience, complete with a dependable hunting weapon. In each hunt, the player’s goal is to seek for the specified animals or fire bullets at certain sections of the animals that are required by the game, such as the brain, heart, and lungs, as well as the limbs. Instead of being able to travel freely, players will be confined to a single location and forced to accomplish the objective using a hunting rifle. Furthermore, the game’s controls are straightforward: touch to aim, use a joystick to aim, and press a button to shoot to complete the mission. In spite of the simplicity of the control system, the player must use physical mechanics to this game in order to succeed, such as bullet time and movement speed.

Hunting Clash MOD APK


As a hunter, they require the greatest weapons and equipment in order to hunt enormous creatures such as bears, lions, and other large predators. Furthermore, because “Hunting Clash” is a shooting game, the notion of weapon variety is critical in order to keep players entertained. As long as they have enough money and a huge weapon system that belongs to the hunting rifle genre, gamers will be able to unlock any choice. Not only that, but each weapon may also be customized by adding associated accessories, upgrades, and decorations to make it uniquely yours. Even with only the aforementioned features, the player will have a plethora of things to do to enjoy the game, and each weapon will have its own set of qualities, such as the amount of ammo it has, how much damage it does, how fast it is, and so on.

Hunting Clash MOD APK


During the hunt, the player will be required to achieve the game’s objectives in order to bring the hunt to a close, such as killing an animal or firing accurate bullets. If the player is not certain in their accuracy, they can employ hunting talents such as time delay, X-ray, Insta-shot, and other similar abilities to compensate. Each talent has its own set of qualities, and players can tailor their abilities to maximize their effectiveness.


Hunting Clash is an online game in which hunters may demonstrate their abilities by accruing points after each successful hunt. If the player want to demonstrate their abilities, they must fire precisely and in the least amount of time feasible. In addition, the game will feature several time-limited events in which hunters will be rewarded with a variety of valuable items such as weapons and equipment if they reach high levels of success. In order to maintain a healthy level of competition among the hunters, everything a player performs during events, quests, and challenges will be recorded, and their accomplishments will be reset after a week.

Hunting Clash MOD APK

Are you seeking for a game that is both very fun and can be played at any time and from anywhere? After that, check out “Hunting Clash,” a realistic hunter simulation game that makes use of 3D visuals to create realistic surroundings and creatures for players to enjoy. Not only that, but it also offers a variety of appealing activities that encourage hunters from all over the world to congregate and connect with one another.

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You are now ready to download Hunting Clash for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please refer to our and installation guide.
  • Please use CPU-Z to examine the Android device's CPU and GPU.
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