Traffic Empire Tycoon v3.0.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked)

App Name Traffic Empire Tycoon
Publisher zhenrongbin
Size 75M
Version 3.0.4
Mod Info Unlimited Money/All Unlocked
Update October 14, 2021 (9 months ago)
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All paid content purchased:

  • Endless monthly passes
  • Majestic gate (permanent double income)
  • Disable ads

If you’d like to experience the privilege of being the top owner of a transportation company, you can install the Traffic Empire Tycoon. It’s a simulation game for transport companies. A game where players are required to develop, expand, improve, and take advantage of international transportation. Companies in the field of transport are popping up worldwide and offering people the best degree of ease. Transport is a broad term that involves the transportation of goods, people, equipment, etc., and includes a vast range of transportation industries. It is well-known that managing the operations of a business is not simple however things will get easier if you incorporate it into games.

Traffic Empire Tycoon (MOD, All Unlocked) Traffic Empire Tycoon (MOD, All Unlocked)


Traffic Empire Tycoon has gameplay that is a blend of tycoon and simulation and provides players with a range of experience in the world of international shipping. In the game, players start a small company with the primary goal of shipping. They will also take new orders and ship them to the specified destinations. But, the game is not like the real, and the shipping process is only initiated when the player has to operate the units. The packaging process will start by pressing on the units or workers, followed by transport onto the store. The shipping company’s management is intricate and complex because the participant must understand all the processes within the business to improve operations quickly. The company’s role is to transport the present simple package; however, in the near future, it will extend to different areas of the notion”shipping. “shipping.”


Once a business is established, the players have to manage it to earn money for the operation, which is why all operations have to be carried out by hand. By pressing any unit, they’ll start to work in a few minutes, and then, after a time, they will be ready to move on to the next step. It is the player’s job to move everything around, and all products that have been carefully packaged can be moved via trucks. When the trucks are full of payloads, the player can press them to begin shipping. after a few taps, they will pay back the money made. When the truck is not in use and the cargo is shipped to the warehouse and waited until the next one. In this way, players can repeat the process to earn profits and then invest and upgrade the system.

Traffic Empire Tycoon (MOD, All Unlocked) Traffic Empire Tycoon (MOD, All Unlocked)


In addition to the earnings generated by this unit of shipping, gamers are able to invest in additional units to boost the multiplier’s revenue. The development system of the company can be broken down into various units and parts, and players have to begin with the base of the system and build and expand numerous new branches. Each upgrade option will provide the player with a variety of benefits, particularly in terms of the revenue multiplier. Once the player has reached a number of points in the system of growth, the game will allow for the opening of areas that are not previously available, such as the transportation of people and other vehicles like buses, planes, and even trains. The shipping company must take care of all vehicles that are available to increase sales and move individuals in the most efficient time.


The unique feature that makes Traffic Empire Tycoon different from other games is the no-cost and innovative building system. Many games will automatically construct gamers’ features and even restrict the building options available to players to build their empires. In addition, the game will focus on the aspect of choice and offer players the option of building an empire in the way they’d like. With hundreds of architectural designs accessible, players can choose the purpose of each construction within their empire. Of course, the building will require a significant amount of money, and the players will need enough cash to build.

Traffic Empire Tycoon (MOD, All Unlocked) Traffic Empire Tycoon (MOD, All Unlocked)


The player’s transport empire may comprise a variety of vehicles, including airways, waterways, and even land. Every type of vehicle will come with its unique method of operation, and the player may also approve contracts for transport for essential items. While playing the game, transportation contracts provide the primary source of revenue for the empire since they provide players with a huge amount of money if they are completed flawlessly. Of course, players can choose the most suitable vehicle for their item since they come with specific conditions.

Transport companies have earned massive amounts of money in recent years when goods can be easily moved around with the best security levels and even the fastest possible times for transit. The administration of shipping empires can be complicated and lengthy. However, by playing Traffic Empire Tycoon, everything is made simple. If you’re looking to create and grow your own transport business, it will be an exciting experience for you.

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