FarmVille 2 v18.9.7450 MOD APK (Free Farm Shop/Unlocked/Free Upgrades)

App Name FarmVille 2: Country Escape
Publisher Zynga
Size 113M
Version 18.9.7450
Mod Info Free Farm Shop/Unlocked/Free Upgrades
Update November 19, 2021 (6 months ago)
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Download (113M)
MOD V1 Info?
  • Free farm shop
  • Free barn upgrades
  • Free craft
  • Free seed
  • Free unlocked

NOTE: Make sure to enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps
MOD V2 Info?

1. Free Speedup
2. Free Barn Upgrades
3. Unlimited Keys (not really unlimited but it lets you buy keys for free)
4. Frozen Currencies
5. Some keys cost 1

Modded by AndnixSH

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Farmville 2 is a simulation game developed by Zynga. To play this game, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or higher and have approximately 113M of free disk space. Currently, we have modded the game to unlock premium features so that you can experience the game in the best way. The version of this mod is 18.7.7354 with features such as Free Farm Shop/Unlocked/Free Upgrades and always updated as soon as the game is updated.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape (MOD APK, Farm Shop/Unlimited Keys) is a calm farm game in which players create and continually grow a farm village of their choice to new heights. Players may choose from a variety of farm villages to build and continuously expand.

FarmVille 2 is the most popular game in the farm management category at the moment. It is well-liked, with positive results in terms of internet connectivity, ease of play, stunning visuals, and varied gameplay that allows players to enjoy being a farmer to the fullest. Also included is a gorgeous and expansive virtual environment; there are endless locations to explore and discover prizes, as well as areas that may be used to unwind after a long day of caring for a farming operation. It is possible to visit other people’s fields and obtain free goodies from each farm if the player has made friends with them. This game is regarded as one of the most exciting games available, because to its use of sound, visuals, and user-friendly gameplay to provide players with the finest possible experience.

FarmVille 2 MOD APK


A farm can be used for a variety of purposes, including the production of fruit trees, food, cattle, poultry, and other animals, as well as the development of a specialized supply chain for adjacent communities. Players will begin by constructing a private farm, which will have a variety of different items, as well as several other necessary facilities for food production. The possibilities for farming growth are unlimited; players may cultivate a wide variety of crops, breed animals, and customize their farm to their liking. Of course, the gameplay will make things more exciting, and players will only need to utilize a few simple motions to take care of the farm in order to complete their objectives.

FarmVille 2 MOD APK


The main source of income for the players in FarmVille 2 comes mostly from growing food crops. The game has various plants for the player to choose from, and each of them has different characteristics, such as planting time, planting style, and effective time to mature. The player can fertilize to reduce maturity time and water them regularly to optimize plant quality. After maturing, players can use special tools to collect, by holding a finger and moving over the mature trees, the game will automatically collect for players.

FarmVille 2 MOD APK


Animals such as cattle or poultry must always be present since they provide a bountiful supply of nutrients and provide the greatest amount of profit for players. Building a barn for each sort of livestock and poultry, as well as purchasing them from the shop, is required before the player may begin growing them. Before they can be used to generate cash, the player must let them to develop and then utilize the produced plants to precisely feed them. Continue to feed them on a daily basis, and it will begin to produce things or food for the players.

FarmVille 2 MOD APK


Besides managing a farm, players must also take care of other responsibilities in order to maintain a stable revenue, fulfill duties, and respond to requests from neighboring cities or farms. Even better, you may record your successes in the game to get a variety of tempting gifts. Tasks is the game’s default system; it directs players to complete all of the tasks in order to become used to the gameplay and story progression. Meanwhile, the player will get a continual stream of requests, each one requesting that he or she deliver a matching amount of food in exchange for a large prize. A farm would be required to give essentials to adjacent communities in return for money, in order for the farm to be able to continue to operate.

FarmVille 2 MOD APK


Every aspect of farm life, from caring for animals to cultivating beloved flowers to making traditional farmer foods, is a source of joy, calm, and leisure for the farmer and his family. Cooking will be included in the game, and players will be able to create whatever they want with the ingredients that are accessible to them. After they have completed cooking, they may send food to neighboring cities or farms as gifts, earning a large number of friendship points that will help them with long-term farm growth. The game will be updated on a regular basis, with new recipes being added for players to discover and enjoy.

FarmVille 2 MOD APK


The farm does a variety of intriguing tasks, such as providing food to the nearby town or growing lovely flora for its visitors. Furthermore, players can grow more visually appealing varieties to beautify the farm or bring them to market to sell for significant sums of money. The gardening mechanics are diverse and bountiful, enabling players to build flower beds and growing spaces, as well as harvest flowers and plants in order to manufacture one-of-a-kind trade products. The garden also provides other appealing benefits to players, such as the provision of an unending supply of fruit with a variety of characteristics.

FarmVille 2 MOD APK


Aside from that, FarmVille 2 allows players to make friends with other farmers all around the world and freely visit them to appreciate their inventiveness as they go through their farm. Players may even earn a variety of free goodies while engaging in a variety of entertaining activities on their farm. There is also a thieving feature in the game, which allows players to take advantage of plants that have developed but have not yet been gathered. When visiting another player’s farm, gamers will be able to participate in a variety of interesting activities while relaxing with their friends.

In FarmVille 2, players manage a farm in a simulation game that provides limitless fun and hundreds of fantastic features that they may enjoy with their friends. The game also provides players with a realistic sense of being a farmer, and the enjoyment comes from the activities associated with that employment, such as farming, breeding, gardening, and fishing. Download the game right away and get started on your own farm construction project.

Download FarmVille 2 (MOD, Free Farm Shop/Unlocked/Free Upgrades)

Download (113M)

You are now ready to download FarmVille 2 for free. Here are some notes:

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  • Please use CPU-Z to examine the Android device's CPU and GPU.
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