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Update November 8, 2021 (8 months ago)
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Season 3 of LifeAfter has officially begun, following in the footsteps of the previous two seasons’ popularity. In this game, you will be immersed in the devastation of the earth following the extinction of mankind. You will encounter wildlife; resources will be depleted over time; the weather will grow severe; and so on. In the quest to restore humanity’s vitality, it appears that everything around you is putting a strain on your power. When the player first enters this world, he or she assumes the position of one of the fortunate survivors who has survived to carry out a noble purpose.

LifeAfter MOD APK

A major revolution will erupt in the game’s survival experience, and it will be unprecedented. In particular, LifeAfter enhanced and provided gamers with new and exciting stuff that was previously unavailable to them. Not to mention that the zombies are favored since they bring a variety of additional combat abilities to the table. This coincides with the opening of a seamless universe that allows players to battle from land, sea and air—promising to offer you new and surprising experiences.

LifeAfter MOD APK


After a viral storm blows through the area, the human world order is thrown upside down. It encompasses the whole globe, producing LifeAfter Hell on the surface of the planet. You grow fatigued due to hunger, and you feel exhausted due to the frigid cold of the night air. The growls of the Infected can be heard in the distance, foreboding a night of life-threatening dread is about to begin. Who knows how long you will be able to live in that wrecked planet.


Having been swept up in the wave of a viral epidemic, the world of LifeAfter, which had previously been closed, now appears to have transformed into a bizarre and untouched environment. The setting might be either a crowded city with diseased people or a chilly, treeless wilderness in the mountains. Even an abandoned mining area, demolished schools, and other such things. Players must survive in that harsh environment, scavenging for each and every object, in order to be able to continue to exist. You must be familiar with the abilities of collecting and hunting in order to acquire food, protect oneself from injuries, and so forth.

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During his scavenging expedition, the player will have the opportunity to meet a large number of individuals who have suffered the same fate as him. Despite the fact that we are blessed to be alive, life is too difficult right now. As a result, even if individuals are of the same race, they are willing to conspire to eliminate one another in order to obtain nourishment for themselves. Players must be on their toes since they have the potential to assault you. They took everything, including food, clothing, guns, and other supplies.

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However, there are both good and terrible people in every community and society. If you are fortunate enough to meet trustworthy individuals, you can pool your resources to share food, ammo, and other necessities. Together, you will become colleagues, assisting one another in gathering materials, each brick,… in order to design, build, and construct your own home. At the same time, battle against the enemy until the last vestige of the human race’s shared habitat is left. By gathering around a glowing campfire, we can fight back against the bitter cold of winter and the bitter cold of the night.

LifeAfter MOD APK

Live After Death realistically recreates a terrible world in which you are free to do things for your personal profit, even if doing so means betraying your friends. With a realistic 3D graphics system, gamers will not be disappointed with this title. You set foot on a variety of hard, challenging, and collapsing terrain as you go through the game. The light that shines on the valiant individuals who dare to overcome all odds in order to sustain life and even establish a rebirth is the polar opposite of this.

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