Little Big Snake v2.6.54 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

App Name Little Big Snake
Publisher LittleBIGsnake
Size 70M
Version 2.6.54
Mod Info VIP Unlocked
Update November 23, 2021 (6 months ago)
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  • In Game-ViP Enabled

Little Big Snake is a casual game developed by Littlebigsnake. To play this game, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or higher and have approximately 70M of free disk space. Currently, we have modded the game to unlock premium features so that you can experience the game in the best way. The version of this mod is 2.6.50 with features such as Vip Unlocked and always updated as soon as the game is updated.

Little Big Snake is a game that pits you against hundreds of other players in an arena, and you must do everything you can to become the gigantic snake at the end of the game.

Perhaps you are all too aware with the slither game, which has been a rage for quite some time due to its basic gameplay but high level of appeal due to the competitive aspect of the action. From LittleBIGsnake Studio, you can now play Little Big Snake, an equally intriguing “io game” that is available to play for free. The game places you in an arena with hundreds of other players from all around the world, all competing in a real-time tournament. You must strive to outwit and defeat your opponents in order to accomplish tasks, improve skills, and destroy other players in order to become the largest snake on the planet. Described as a game worth attempting since it will provide you with moments of enjoyment and fantastic relaxation, it is rated as such.

Little Big Snake MOD APK


A little snake will be controlled by the player in Little Big Snake, which takes place on a big terrain. The game’s basics are straightforward: you must do all in your power to remain alive for as long as possible in a country filled with other snakes. Nothing more than commanding your snake to glide away from bright areas and bugs while avoiding assaults from other snakes is required of you. Alternatively, light spots can be discovered randomly on the map or from recently dead snakes; the more food your snake consumes, the greater its size becomes.

For first-time gamers, the controls are really straightforward. Your snake will move on its own; all you have to do is navigate it with the joystick or accelerate it by tapping the lightning icon. One thing to keep in mind is that if your snake touches the head of another snake, you will be eliminated from the game instantly. It is preferable to seek for other snakes rather than bugs when the size of the snake is enormous and lengthy. To catch another snake, all you have to do is do whatever it takes to bring its head into yours, such as traveling in a circle around the opponent and waiting for it to self-destruct. Doesn’t it seem really enticing to you?

Little Big Snake MOD APK


In order to complete the game, you must gather hundreds of various snakes from which to choose. Each snake in the game has a distinct design in terms of look, color, and skin texture, and they are categorised according to their rarity. These are classified as follows: common, uncommon, epic, and legendary, with legendary being the most rare and expensive. New skins may be unlocked by purchasing them with rubies after each level or by collecting a sufficient number of skin pieces. Furthermore, with a little luck, you could even be able to obtain a legendary by opening a crate or participating in minigames. You may make your snake stand out more in the match by wearing flags. There are many different types of flags to select from, like title, adorable, private, signs, and so on…


Single player and multiplayer are the two primary game modes in Little Big Snake. Single-player mode allows you to practice with a computer-controlled opponent before moving on to multi-player modes. In the other option, you will be competing against other players from all around the world, which will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. Additionally, you may attempt “OBServer Mode,” in which your role is to not engage in the match but rather to simply monitor it. You can choose to observe one of the 30 players who have achieved the greatest score at random, allowing you to learn from the best.

Little Big Snake MOD APK


During the game, you will be able to pick up various things such as magnets and binoculars at random. Boost items are also included, as they allow you to perform special talents for a limited period of time when equipped. By selecting the Evolution option, you may extend the amount of time that objects can be used. You will need to use gold in order to enhance the effects in this area. You can get keys after each game that you play in the game. You will be able to unlock a chest once you have acquired all ten keys. This is the most straightforward method of obtaining additional gold, rubies, and skin bits. When you open Legendary chests, you may even be able to obtain a new skin. Furthermore, if you have a VIP account, you will receive twice the amount of goodies while opening chests.

One unique element of “Little Big Snake” is that it allows users from different platforms to compete against one other. The platforms for the game are not divided, which means that there is no split for the game. Even if you are playing on an Android device, you will be able to compete with other players who are using the iOS or PC versions. Additionally, there are no advertisements to distract players from their gaming experience. In contrast to some other games, you will receive more lives without having to watch advertisements.

Little Big Snake MOD APK


Of addition to having enjoyable gameplay, the visuals in “Little Big Snake” will not let you down either. Snake images in the game are developed in a really charming manner, with a variety of styles and colors to choose from. If you are usually terrified of actual snakes, this game will undoubtedly provide you with a completely new experience that will make you more happy in the long run. “Little Big Snake” is one of the greatest io games available, and it will undoubtedly provide you with a great deal of entertainment, a large number of items to unlock, stunning visuals, and a highly stable server.

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