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App Name Call of Duty Mobile: KR
Publisher Tencent Games
Size 3GM
Version 1.7.29
Mod Info NULL
Update November 16, 2021 (6 months ago)
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In addition to being a top-notch shooter, Call of Duty Mobile: KR APK offers a variety of game modes that allow you to freely engage in a variety of violent conflicts.

Because of the enjoyment they provide, first-person shooters (FPS) have long been one of the most popular forms of video games. They will engage in combat with other players and will be ecstatic if they are successful in their endeavors to attain victory. At the same time, this provides them with an opportunity to relax and alleviate their discomfort and discomfort. When it comes to action games, you just cannot overlook Call of Duty: Mobile KR, in which your ability to master your weapons determines your ultimate success.

Call of Duty Mobile: KR MOD APK


When playing Call of Duty: Mobile, players will be wowed by the stunning graphics that will leave them speechless upon first glance. Players will take part in specific-sized areas, and they will always be separated into two sides, on which different groups of players will appear. Their next step will be to track down their opponents and utilize their skills to beat them. From that point forward, there will always be exciting matches and inspiring players, and it will be impossible for them to pull their gaze away from the action.

The game provides you with visually stunning and realistic visuals that you will like. However, that is only a portion of what it is capable of providing. The game also provides you with a large number of maps, each of which has its own unique set of features while maintaining its core traits. As a result, players will take their time to learn about and master the game’s features. While at the same time, the variety of maps available will allow you to mix up your experience and become less bored with it.

Call of Duty Mobile: KR MOD APK

As a first-person shooter game, players will experience the game from their own point of view, and anybody will enjoy the entertainment value it provides. You will be totally engaged in the match, and your experience will grow more realistic the closer you go to directly encountering an opponent on the field of battle. As a result, you will need to rely on your reflexes and, finally, pay attention to the game screen. The fact that the game is exciting and spectacular for players makes it impossible for them to take their eyes off the action.


It is true that Call of Duty: Mobile provides a totally clear manner of playing, but it also presents a unique difficulty. At the outset of the game experience, you will be invited to take part in a match with multiple modes of your choosing. Deathmatch is a popular game mode that many players have had success with. Increasing your level and progressively unlocking additional modes will occur as the game develops, so keep playing!

Call of Duty Mobile: KR MOD APK

During the early stages of the game, winning Deathmatch encounters will be the most prevalent means for players to gain experience points. A map will have two opposing teams that appear from opposite sides of the map, to be more specific. They will use their weapons to eliminate members of the other squad in order to score points for their own team. Aside from that, the team that achieves a specified goal throughout the match will be declared the victorious team.

Because of the aggressive nature of the game, the map will almost definitely not be overly huge and difficult to navigate for players. Players can find each other in the center of the battlefield owing to a mini-map that is displayed on the screen. The most notable element of the mini map is that gun engagements take place in the areas where red dots will appear, allowing you to find and assist your colleagues in the process. As a result, depending on the mode, there will be a distinct manner of playing that you and your teammates will be required to follow.

Call of Duty Mobile: KR MOD APK


Call of Duty: Mobile provides you with a wide variety of weaponry, the most of which will be rifles and snipers, which are the most commonly used. For those who are just getting started with the game for the first time, there is nothing to be concerned about when the game presents you with the Tutorial screen to get you acquainted with the game principles. This means that everyone has the opportunity to try out the game and eventually develop their abilities through matches.

This game introduces a new mechanic, which is the gun level, which everyone will have to pay close attention to. You will, in fact, find a way to level up your gun in a manner similar to that of RPG games. The advantage of upgrading is that you will be able to obtain replacement components that will make fighting more convenient. Each component has a distinct role and place, and it will be tough to disregard any of the pieces at the same time.

Call of Duty Mobile: KR MOD APK

Aside from the aforementioned elements, players will be able to choose from a wide variety of firearms at the marketplace. It may also be considered the heart of any shooting game because it allows you to experiment with a variety of firearms that each have their own qualities. It is the first stage in learning how to master a new weapon, and it is also the first step in acquiring a large number of associated components in order to obtain the best status.

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