Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery v2.2.5 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

App Name Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery
Publisher Kiary games
Size 115M
Version 2.2.5
Mod Info All Unlocked
Update November 20, 2021 (6 months ago)
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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a simulation game developed by Kiary Games. To play this game, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or higher and have approximately 115M of free disk space. Currently, we have modded the game to unlock premium features so that you can experience the game in the best way. The version of this mod is 2.1.25 with features such as All Unlocked and always updated as soon as the game is updated.

A detective will be assigned to you in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery (MOD, All Unlocked), and your goal will be to decipher those intriguing lines in order to solve the secrets that exist in a house.

Have you ever read the renowned novel “Sherlock Holmes”? If so, tell us about it. Alternatively, you may have watched this film. This novel is considered to be one of the finest detective themes ever written, and it has received a good grade from critics and readers alike. The novel will take the reader through a series of incredibly exciting cases that are also full of unsolved riddles that will allow readers to deduce their own conclusions before being clarified by the great investigator Sherlock Holmes himself. If you’ve ever read the novel or seen the movie, you’ll be drawn in by the inference and mysterious elucidation of the skilled investigator Sherlock Holmes. If you haven’t read the narrative or seen the movie, you should. Immediately download the game Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery if you have a strong desire to always play detective and probe yourself in order to solve mysteries.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery MOD APK

This is a puzzle game developed by Kiary games, a game developer well-known for titles such as “Brake To Die.”… Players will have a good time when they come to this game and discover the solutions to the puzzles that have been set up. So, do you want to be a great detective or do you want to avoid it? Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is available for free download right now.


You will take on the character of a private investigator who lives and works in the metropolis of New York. Every now and then, you’re sitting in your office when you receive a letter from your father, who is located in another city. It’s just another day in your office. In his letter to you, your father requested for your assistance in solving some of the mysteries surrounding the village where he resided, Redcliff. He discovered that a bizarre thing was taking place in this city for which he had no explanation, and he decided to seek your assistance.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery MOD APK

When you arrive at Redcliff City, you quickly learn that all of the folks who live there have inexplicably vanished. Everything, including houses, automobiles, and other property, appears to be in good condition, and there is no evidence of widespread exodus. So, where did all of the city’s residents disappear to? Is there some unexplained power abducting all of the residents of the town? As a result, you made the decision to travel to the location of the mystery occurrence in order to investigate it. You’ll have to look into the inexplicable disappearances of all the guides in this area, as well as the disappearance of your father, who left you a letter just a few days ago, before you can move on. Trace the traces left behind by the perpetrators using your detective skills to uncover the solution.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery MOD APK


The gameplay of the game is based on locating answers through the use of the game’s leftover traces. Everything takes place in a small space that has been constructed in the Sandbox style. The players will be transported into a room that is only divided by the ground and two walls on either side. Computers, documents, lockers, and other common objects will be available in the room, just as they would be in a regular room. However, things will not be as straightforward as you may expect; there will be numerous secrets concealed underneath them. In order to move things about the area, players will need to touch the screen with their fingertips on the screen. There will be secrets concealed under jumbled paper piles or strewn about in random places. Even though the game’s gameplay appears to be straightforward, the player must exercise caution and pay close attention in order to avoid missing any of the game’s subtle features.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery MOD APK


In addition to stimulating player interest, puzzles will also provide players with entertainment

The game offers a fantastic puzzle structure that will force players to concentrate on thinking and watching attentively throughout the game. You will need to pay close attention to every aspect in the room since even the slightest thing might contain a piece of the solution to the mystery. If you find a crumpled piece of paper in an unnoticed area, it might be holding incredibly crucial information that will take you to the secret location of the hidden truth. During the game, participants will have a strong sense of being near to the truth. However, because each problem in the game will lead to the discovery of a new puzzle, there will be a lengthy process for players to discover.

Explore a variety of maps for gamers to explore

Not only are there chambers that might conceal mysteries, but there are also strange caverns to explore. Players will go from this area to other sites in order to learn more about what is going on in this metropolis.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery MOD APK


The game is presented in a 2.5-dimensional visual manner, allowing players to freely explore a vibrant and colorful universe. The cities, tombs, and other locations have a high level of finishing, and the game’s details have been meticulously crafted by the game’s development team.

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery MOD APK


The game’s impact is quite fluid, and effects such as touching rubbish, moving items, and so on all function very well. In order to provide players with a private environment where they may concentrate on thinking, the game’s sound is kept to a minimum.

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