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Update November 26, 2021 (6 months ago)
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Welcome to the gloomy realm of Lineage 2: Revolution, a new game developed by Netmarble that was published this month. This is a highly intriguing MMORPG game that anybody who like this genre should give a go at least once; else, you will undoubtedly be disappointed that you did not get to play it. The battle between light and darkness, between justice and counter-justice, is a never-ending conflict that will never be resolved. Are you prepared to venture into the perilous and tough environment of the game and record the violent conflicts that take place there?

Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK


Under the authority of the Elmoreden Empire, which is led by Baium, the world is relatively tranquil. However, in his quest for immortality, he constructed the Spooky Tower, which caused the gods to become enraged. Elmoreden crumbles, and the Eden people are thrown into a desperate state of confusion as hundreds of fresh alliance soldiers appear. The most visible of them is the aggressive group commanded by Beleth, the Dark Lord, which is the most notable of these. The evil forces were founded in the name of Beleth, and they were continuously increasing with the notion that it was possible to conquer Eden via chaos and fear.

Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK

Shortly after that, a great wizard by the name of Hardin sealed Beleth’s power and brought the turmoil to a close.” Victory and peace were within grasp when he created the Silverlight mercenary group to take on Beleth’s forces and bring them to heel. However, two traitors rose up from among the ranks of the association, drawn to the dark power of Beleth and causing the world to descend once again into war and turmoil. They were killed by the organization’s members. Vardir, one of the most powerful members of Silverlight, has gathered thousands of heroes from all across the world, men who are willing to fight and sacrifice to the very end against the strength of the enormous Empire. Beleth is played by Black. You are one of the heroes taking part in the final mortal combat, and the new world has begun. Are you prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead?

Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK


By taking part in the game, you will be offered the option of choosing between the races of Human, Elf, Dark Elf, or Dwarf. Each type of character will have a specific fundamental power rating separated into 6 types, each of which will be divided into 6 strength classes: HP, MP, Atk, Def, Eva, and Crit. Each of these types will be divided into 6 strength classes: HP, MP, Atk, Def, Eva, and Crit. Choose your favorite character, customize his or her appearance, and select the most appropriate weapon before joining the last fight between the two opposing forces of light and shadow.

Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK

You will be transported to an island and placed at the beginning of the game’s first level. Your assignment will be delivered in a methodical manner, and upon accomplishment, you will obtain prizes that are as precious as gold coins. The objective is generally to kill a set number of monsters that are appropriate for your level, save people, or locate some supplies, among other things. When you defeat the monster, you will get a considerable amount of experience. Complete Armor, shoe, and weapon sets, among other things, may help you improve your basic stats, while HP and MP can help you live longer in fight. Even after reaching a certain level, you might get access to talents that do huge amounts of damage. It will be simpler to navigate if there is a map in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Aside from the obvious benefits of finishing the narrative and continually growing your strength, you may also meet friends and engage in real-time combat with other people all around the world. Demonstrate that you are the most courageous and strong fighter capable of bringing about your own justice. Explore the vast and gorgeous world that awaits you on your adventurous voyage, and take pleasure in it.

Lineage 2 Revolution MOD APK


The game has extremely vivid 3D graphics design and beautiful. Characters designed with armor and weapons are incredibly diverse and beautiful, giving you a true sense of surprise. Re-imagined battle areas in real life bring exciting adventure experiences along with the character. Lineage 2: Revolution is a really big game. And if you’re a true fan of MMORPGs, download and play the game right now. You will definitely be fascinated with the incredibly beautiful and realistic graphics along with the extremely adventurous adventure content of this game.

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