Golazo! v0.0.27 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

App Name Golazo!
Publisher Purple Tree
Size 120M
Version 0.0.27
Mod Info Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Update October 11, 2021 (9 months ago)
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1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Coins
3. Unlimited Energy
*Increase when you spent

Golazo! refers to a time when Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA were not the only digital football/soccer game. The Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions are available.

Remember the old school football games?

In the early 21st Century, there were many football games. Kick-Off and Sensible Soccer was the main players, but there were many arcade-inspired and ported games, many of which were tied to famous players of the time (like Gary Lineker and John Barnes). In the later nineties, football fans had franchises such as Super Sidekicks or Sega’s Virtual Striker. But eventually, PES and FIFA were the preferred choices.

Golazo! (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

This game takes you back to 1992, a time before the internet. It can be seen in the gameplay style but also in some familiar faces from the era, who have been made into caricatures of themselves to appear as managers in this game. To give the game a more retro look, you can apply two visual filters. The first is to add scanlines to the display, and the second is to add imperfections to the color. This gives the game a great visual throwback to pre-DVD days.

Play in a format similar to a world cup

Golazo! (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

This fantastic game is only open to international teams. There are no club teams. The league format would have international teams. You could also play in a world cup or league. One player can only play these modes. However, if you wish to play multiplayer games, which is the game’s main draw, you will need to use the quick game option. This is where we spent most of our time, as it allows for competitive and cooperative play by up to four players.

Exciting gameplay

The gameplay is quick and easy, as with almost all of the era games it inspired. Kick and pass are available, as well as a lob option. These allow you to choose from controlled or more wild tackle options on defense. However, you are rarely called back for bad tackles (unless it is in the penalty box). Although the control system isn’t as complicated as FIFA’s, there are two modifiers that you can attach to your shoulder buttons. One for running and one for special moves that allow you to evade tackles like jumping up or spinning around opponents.

Golazo! (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

In keeping with the game’s unrealistic approach, you and your team often get power-ups that give you speed or super tackles. The same goes for your opponents. These seemed random and can be turned off if they don’t appeal to you. However, it adds some arcade flavor to your games, especially when you play in balanced matchups.

You earn coins when you win – these can be used in the in-game store to purchase cosmetic items. You can find a wide range of options here, including outfits and balls as well as costumes for the various celebrations that your players will be performing. There are even some silly choices to choose from for your team.

Golazo! (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

Although the camera view is very zoomed out, it gives a great overview of the game. However, long passes are rarely successful, and there is a lot of dribbling and tackling. The retro-inspired gameplay is great, but the camera perspective does not help when playing in tabletop or handheld mode. Handheld is fine as you can see well enough, but tabletop makes it difficult to control and follow the action because the players feel too small.

Golazo! (MOD, Unlimited Money) ***

It’s a lot of fun to play the core game, especially when you have a few friends. This is a game that you can pick up quickly, even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Download Golazo! (MOD, Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Download (120M)

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