Armed Heist v2.4.11 MOD APK (Immortal Character)

App Name Armed Heist
Publisher Sozap
Size 1.2GB
Version 2.4.11
Mod Info Immortal Character
Update November 23, 2021 (6 months ago)
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  • Immortality

Armed Heist is a action game developed by Sozap. To play this game, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or higher and have approximately 1.2GB of free disk space. Currently, we have modded the game to unlock premium features so that you can experience the game in the best way. The version of this mod is 2.4.10 with features such as Immortal Character and always updated as soon as the game is updated.

When you take on the role of a bank robber in Armed Heist, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a shooting game. Players will be able to appreciate the authenticity of the gameplay while also encountering a range of obstacles at each stage. However, you are also aware of the steps you must take in order to accomplish the level and earn a variety of stunning rewards. They will provide you with access to a wide range of weaponry.

Armed Heist MOD APK


Players will be turned into a completely different role in order to bring evil and horror to a large number of financial institutions. As long as the escape criterion is not satisfied, you will be involved in a number of robberies in this area, and you will acquire the items needed to complete the game. However, when a large number of police officers suddenly materialize in front of you, it is unavoidable to conclude that carrying out this duty would be extremely tough. As a result, you will be required to fight these individuals in order to achieve the level’s objective.

When you play as a bandit, the gameplay is totally centered on the shooting experience, and the player will operate the character using the same buttons that are used in other games of the same genre. You can navigate around by swiping left, and you can fire and aim by pressing keys on the right. At the same time, a feature in Armed Heist that each player will appreciate is the ability to select the control mechanism that best matches your forehand. The player will be able to manipulate the character far more freely as a result of this.

Armed Heist MOD APK


In most of the levels in Armed Heist, you appear in a situation where the robbery took place, and you will be the one to get the necessary things. Then you will make your escape from police pursuit. At the same time, players will need to pay attention to that this character can fully take advantage of any environmental factor. Therefore, the player can dodge the attack of the police and shoot them back. You will have specific preparation.

Because you will be controlling the character from a third-person perspective, you will be able to see everything that is occurring in front of you, even if you are hiding behind specific items. This will give you the chance to prepare for the assault. When players are able to fully morph into the character, they can hide behind other items or ambient features, which is a characteristic of this game. Additionally, when you are hiding, you have the ability to alter the gun’s angle before firing.

Armed Heist MOD APK

When you need to reload ammo and continue your combat, this is a really useful target to use. You will also receive a health bar, and the loss of health will be minimized if you take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you. At the same time, the annihilation of adversaries will occur in a single instance as well as in several waves, akin to the rail shooter genre of video games. When you see the required element emerge, just go to that location and the events will continue until they are completed.


There are several missions to complete in Armed Heist, each with its own set of qualities that distinguish it from the other missions. You will appear in the surrounding area and face the police officers. You may also need to pick up certain important things from the left-hand side of the screen from time to time. At the same time, another element to consider is that the getaway automobile will arrive once you have fought a large number of different police officers and reached the appropriate spot. You have an easy task, which is to go to the automobile.

Armed Heist MOD APK

The car will take a certain amount of time to get to you, and when it arrives, it’s time to end the game. You will face many different challenges, and of course, their rewards will ultimately increase over time. At the same time, you will need to collect a certain amount of money to spend in the game and increase your level. In addition, another equally impressive bonus is the chests that you can see before starting the game.


You will not be able to tell what is in this chest, and the only thing you can do in the game is wait for a time before opening it. You can perform this job as soon as possible by utilizing scarce resources. There will be a variety of items in the chest, much as there will be a variety of resources in the game, and one item that many players will be interested in is the number of cards of a certain weapon. You will also be able to obtain new weapons and improve them to your desire from this location.

Armed Heist MOD APK

Anyone who wants to try out a variety of weapons will need to unlock a variety of different chests throughout the game, which will take some time. Having a new gun, on the other hand, is merely the first step of the struggle that you must face in order to be successful. The gun you start with in the game is merely the most basic version; as you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade it. Purchase attachments to make it easier for you to wield this weapon more safely. For Armed Heist, in addition to giving the appropriate cash, you will spend the number of cards you have available to improve the gun you have available.

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Download (1.2GB)

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