Samorost 2 v2.35.7 MOD APK (Full/Paid)

App Name Samorost 2
Publisher Amanita Design
Size 115M
Version 2.35.7
Mod Info Full/Paid
Update November 8, 2021 (8 months ago)
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Samorost 2 is a adventure game developed by Amanita Design. To play this game, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or higher and have approximately 115M of free disk space. Currently, we have modded the game to unlock premium features so that you can experience the game in the best way. The version of this mod is 2.35.6 with features such as Full/Paid and always updated as soon as the game is updated.

Since its debut two years ago, Samorost 2 has quickly established itself as a cult classic among adventure game enthusiasts. Millions of people have played the original free online Flash game, which has caught the imaginations of people all around the world.

Many people may be perplexed as to how a game may be enjoyable without such aspects. It is the ingenuity of the riddles, as well as the wonder of the world you explore, that distinguishes it. A series of riddles are solved by interacting with the environment, which may be accomplished with a single click of the mouse button.

Samorost 2 MOD APK

The sequel continues in much the same vein, with no conversation, inventory, or in-depth plot to speak of, but it is still full with charming levels and ingenious puzzles. During the first few minutes of Samorost 2, the small gnome from the first game is fast asleep in his house. A couple of extraterrestrials land their spacecraft in the garden and immediately begin stealing the fruit off the trees.

As soon as the first minor player interaction occurs, the gnome’s loyal canine companion comes out to scare the aliens away, only to have them pack him into their sack and whisk him away on their spacecraft. It is your responsibility to assist the gnome in rescuing his dog and returning home safely. The first half of the game concludes with the dog’s rescue, while the second section of the game shows you attempting to escape from an unfamiliar world and return to your familiar surroundings.


Samorost 2 MOD APK

The main figure, who is hooded and clad entirely in white save for his little boots, is exceedingly simplistic in design yet surprisingly good at communicating emotion and allowing you to sympathize with his situation, despite the simplicity of his design. After following after the extraterrestrials in his trusty rocket, we land on a foreign world populated by odd species that will either assist or harm you in your mission in their own manner…. None of them speak; most just make random noises or mumble incoherently in an unintelligible tongue, although this is completely in keeping with the game’s premise.

Samorost 2 MOD APK

The puzzles are inventive, however going into too much detail might spoil the surprises you will discover when solving them. Even while some are clear, some demand more consideration, you never feel as like you are being irrational. You could be required to wake up an unconscious robot, or you might be required to plug in an unplugged refrigerator to disclose a hidden door, like in one of the games. You might also be required to divert a snail from mending its shell so that you can borrow its hammer in another. The puzzles are always changing, and you never get the impression that the gameplay is becoming routine.


Samorost 2 MOD APK

The gameplay itself consists of manipulating the environment to help the gnome progress. Items or characters in the domain that can be interacted with in some way turn the cursor into a hand, and once they no longer serve a purpose, they are no longer selectable. This is an excellent idea that helps you in knowing what needs to be done next. Progress is saved through the use of a password system. Once you have solved a set area’s puzzles, you’ll be given a password, which you can load when you resume the game later.

Samorost 2 MOD APK

Possibly the only negative aspect of the game is that there are a few objects in particular that are really difficult to see even with the smart cursor, which might result in a tiny bit of pixel hunting. In addition, there are two puzzles in the second section of the game that demand a certain amount of time. Although they can be rather irritating, you may find yourself attempting them numerous times before you get them correctly.

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  • Please use CPU-Z to examine the Android device's CPU and GPU.
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