Fruit Ninja Classic v2.4.6 MOD APK (Mega Mod)

App Name Fruit Ninja Classic
Publisher Halfbrick Studios
Size 50M
Version 2.4.6
Mod Info Mega Mod
Update November 3, 2021 (3 months ago)
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1. Time stands still
2. A lot of experience gained
3. Classic mode adds points
4. Super many guava in classic mode

Fruit Ninja Classic is a arcade game developed by Halfbrick Studios. To play this game, you need an Android device with version 4.4 or higher and have approximately 50M of free disk space. Currently, we have modded the game to unlock premium features so that you can experience the game in the best way. The version of this mod is 2.4.6 with features such as Mega Mod and always updated as soon as the game is updated.

I have no doubt that the game I am about to propose will become a popular game among children of all 8X and 9X generations who grew up playing it. Nothing less than Fruit Ninja Traditional, a classic fruit cutting game that has been popular throughout history. This game was created many years ago, back when the internet was not widely used, and it has since become a popular form of amusement for gamers. There have been various gameplay overhauls to previously underutilized statures and the game now features a vintage UI for players to interact with up to this point.

Fruit Ninja Classic MOD APK


In today’s gaming world, Fruit Ninjia Classic has become well-known and has gotten embedded in the entertainment passions of many players. This version of the game, on the other hand, has made significant advancements and has had the greatest amount of success. To play the game, you must swipe your hand across the screen, which makes for an intriguing gaming experience. In addition, a graphical interface with a range of colors is created to be as distinct as the program itself. The player is changed into the character Ninjia, who has been entrusted with chopping all of the fruits that are featured in the video game. Typically, all of the fruits that you are accustomed to seeing exist here.


Are you concerned that you will not be able to achieve professional Ninjia status in Fruit Ninjia Classic? When you ask another inquiry of your best buddy, everything gets a lot less complicated. Almost all players have the potential to progress to the level of professional Ninjia. Your abilities and gameplay will improve as you play more and more, and you will be able to compete with other players in the multi-player mode. This is when you demonstrate your bravery by swinging your arms freely to chop through the shattered and flying fruit on the game screen. However, you must be skilled at manipulating your fingers in order to slash them with pinpoint accuracy.

Fruit Ninja Classic MOD APK


Fruit Ninja Classic also has a game mode, similar to that of many other normal games, with three difficulty levels ranging from simple to extremely difficult. If you are playing for the first time, we recommend that you start with the easiest level so that you can learn the skill. Skip the medium-level deer and challenge yourself with the most difficult level once you’ve gotten the hang of things. The further you go in the game, the more hurdles surface in the form of time bombs, which will devastate the whole process you are now engaged in at that level. Slash many fruits at the same time to double your score and ease the time strain on the game board.


Each game screen in Fruit Ninja Classic allows for the accumulation of additional bonus points that players may employ for a variety of objectives. You may utilize it to boost your superpower to new heights. From there, the path becomes smooth and cuts through it in a short amount of time. Purchase extra power bananas in order to release energy that destroys obstacles, notably multi-slice pomegranates, on the battlefield. Create diagonal slashes and traps using the Proton Pack slashers, as well as other slashers. Players can demonstrate their abilities by assembling a fruit cluster consisting of 10 consecutive fruits and taking a risk. From there, they went on to create the most epic tornadoes in history.

Fruit Ninja Classic MOD APK


Normally, when you first start the game, you will see that the game interface has been pre-configured to display in portrait orientation. Players should, however, widen the screen in order to engage in more astounding continuous slashing battle in order to meet their amusement needs. Players will also be able to see more clearly and will be more motivated to complete the remaining stages.


High scores and passing levels as rapidly as possible, on the other hand, are always the ultimate aim of the player. You should recognize your own abilities and not rely on the best methods to get you through difficult situations quickly. As a starting point, you should avoid using lengthy movements when barriers present themselves. Despite the fact that barriers cannot destroy you in Arcade mode, other modes require only a single strike of the bomb to result in an automatic game-over.

As a result, when impediments emerge, make an effort to perform short and clean motions. In addition, in the Arcade and Zen modes, players should select Peachy Times to improve their score and lengthen the clock by a few seconds, respectively. Finally, just one finger should be used to move in order to prevent the situation when multiple fingers cover the face, resulting in a loss of vision and the deployment of cutting grenades.

Fruit Ninja Classic MOD APK


In reality, the star is a graphical representation of the game’s cash, and its function is to allow players to purchase other types of plugins and take advantage of the numerous benefits they provide. However, in order to obtain a significant sum of that cash, the player must fulfill all of the essential tasks. – Players aren’t too concerned because the goals are typically pretty fascinating and come with a variety of bonuses and incentives. Players should avoid putting too much importance on bonus points and instead concentrate on how they play. Let’s demonstrate your ability to bring back a large number of important supplementary stuff.

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Download (50M)

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