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Many games that are imitated by the original 3D Diamond are available on the market, and the game is incredibly addicting despite the fact that the rules are basic. To get points, you must arrange three or more candy pieces in a horizontal or vertical line on the board. This is the most basic and traditional mode of play in a match-3 game, and it has contributed to the success of the publisher King in terms of popularity. For each game, players must enhance their method of thinking as well as their tactical logic in order to defeat the screen. And once you mention King, you may be sure to come across Candy Crush, a game that has a large number of games built on a single concept but is diversified by diverse topics. Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda, and more games have been released by King. It’s called Candy Crush Tales, and it’s a game that I’m going to present to you. They all have little distinguishing characteristics that only you can notice while playing the game.

Candy Crush Tales MOD APK


Perhaps, when I talk about the title game, you will be able to comprehend the gameplay of this game and then? Yes, the game is straightforward and resembles its siblings in the “Candy Crush” series of games. To be able to score, you must maneuver a candy so that it forms a straight line with at least three other sweets of the same hue. Nevertheless, Candy Crush is a popular game that receives a large number of downloads and plays. When the problems change by screen, but not in any other way, the designers’ imaginations are practically endless in their solutions. With more than 1000 screens, the player must devise clear strategies, or else he or she would be stuck for all time, unable to figure out how to continue. Furthermore, because each level has a varied difficulty level, you may find yourself taking a long time to discern the route and get stuck at a particularly tough place. However, because the levels will be published before to the game, it’s almost as if you’ve been anticipating the challenge.

Candy Crush Tales MOD APK

Another aspect that contributes to the feeling of difficulty among players is the fact that the number of turns available in each level is restricted. Every time a match is made, a certain amount will be deducted from the total. 1. If you have exhausted all of your available play but have not yet won, you are still deemed a loser and must begin the game over again from the beginning. As we can see, the player just needs to decide on the strategies for each level in order to ensure that the game does not run over the number of turns stated in the game rules. Candy Crush has been a sensation due to the incredibly tough nature of this genre that many users have installed, and it was a phenomenon when it first appeared and continues to be popular now.

Candy Crush Tales MOD APK

From the beginning of the game, I will discuss some of the peculiarities of the game Candy Crush Tales. The word Tales appears in the title of the game, and you must complete a world exploration mission Candy Crush as you go through the game. Pretzella, the game’s antagonist, is involved in a nefarious conspiracy involving the Candy Kingdom, which is the subject of the game’s narrative. As a result, you will be accompanying Tiffi and her comrades on their journey to the cemetery of the wicked. Defeating Pretzella on a comprehensive scale is the only means of saving the kingdom. The typical gameplay of the game will guide you through the process of gathering the goods and ingredients that Tiffi will need to complete this challenging assignment.

Candy Crush Tales MOD APK

If the previous Candy Crush you can not know the character or appear in the Candy Kingdom, then in this game, you will meet and learn more deeply the story of characters such as Yeti, Toffee,… Although the content of the game looks different from the Candy Crush brothers before but there is something that remains the same in this game. It’s the booster. You can get colorful candy packs, chocolates, …. bypassing the game’s quests, logging in to the game every day or buying real money. They are all useful in gameplay due to the unique effects on many candies at the same time.

Candy Crush Tales MOD APK


The qualities of the game Candy Crush Tales can be discerned based on the variables listed above by players. A thrilling journey and a more in-depth study of the Candy Kingdom, which the Candy Crusher is well familiar with, are guaranteed this time around. Set yourself up and develop into a great player who can outperform as many screens as possible. We’ll catch up with you in the future article.

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