Idle Mail Tycoon v1.1.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

App Name Idle Mail Tycoon
Publisher Kolibri Games
Size 133M
Version 1.1.3
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Update October 17, 2021 (9 months ago)
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In the game IdleMail Tycoon players assume an identity of delivery business owner who earns money each minute. To ensure that players’ employees can perform their duties according to the method required to maximize profits, you find ways to help the employees perform their job correctly. However, your earnings and your base could be increased when you play the game. In short, you’ll be drawn by it.

Idle Mail Tycoon


With Idle Mail Tycoon, you can observe any activity within the game and the characters in the background while you sit back. Participation in these activities ensures that players are able to be immersed in the entertaining and stimulating visual world this game can provide. Although it’s easy to grasp the game, there is no difficulty in this game since the game’s mechanics are simple and simple. You’ll be able to master the game’s rules and earn many dollars.

In Idle Mail Tycoon, players observe the work of mail delivery workers and are split into three primary tasks such as receiving mail as well as elevators and transporters at the warehouse. You can access their data with a single touch. Thus, information about them will be readily available, and you must be aware of the indicators listed above to make sure you have a successful profit-making process.

Idle Mail Tycoon


The goal for Idle Mail Tycoon can be used to assist you in starting your own mail delivery business by assigning your different responsibilities, which include ensuring that your employees do their work correctly and be paid. The three characters take on three roles in earning money. Furthermore, the office workers who sort and organize the letters can be found inside the lift room. To determine how far you are in completing a project, look for the bar that is above the name.

After you have transferred the number, The elevator system will employ staff to manage the mail-receiving process and then transport it to the next location that is the warehouse. Following that, another person will be located at the lower end of the warehouse to receive the letters and take them to the next area for transport.

The player will get the coins that correspond to the amount they’ve seen from the office to the final area when the process is over. In the beginning, during the beginning of the contest, you’ll be required to spend the time to ensure this.

Idle Mail Tycoon

The players will control these three characters at the beginning of Idle Mail Tycoon. They must do clicks to accomplish their roles. Also, If you don’t do this step, they will not perform their tasks either. It’s a slow stage of development and demands lots of control from the participant. However, you’ll make plenty of money over time, and then there are ways to make more money and be more productive than manual administration.


The first aspect you must be aware of is the cash generated by the characters of Idle Mail Tycoon. In the event of this aspect, you’ll first think of the mail arranger since this is the person who determines the amount you will receive during the game. In the beginning stages of Idle Mail Tycoon, you’ll focus on improving the stats of this character in order to gain an incredible amount of money. You will then keep upgrading other characters.

Idle Mail Tycoon

Other characters will be assigned the responsibility of transferring the amount of money to the location where it’s needed to allow the money that is added into your bank account. Therefore, their stats are mostly related to the speed of receiving and moving. There are other crucial factors you’ll be required to manage once you’ve reached a number of points in your game. Additionally, for certain jobs, once you have been upgraded into the 10th level, a second employee will be assigned to the same work.

If you’re tired of clicking on your computer and watching these characters perform, it is time to employ an executive. However, their efficiency is only for a short time, but they could aid in engaging employees. In particular, you can employ three managers that correspond to three roles in the game. The employees will work in a way that is automatic, and the number will grow quickly.

Idle Mail Tycoon


The fact that the possibility to get a substantial amount of money. It is also possible when you have a sensible plan for making money. If the automated process can generate an enormous amount of money, you’ll receive a significant amount of cash. What happens when you accomplish the above is you be able to open more floors of your facility. This means you will earn more money in a shorter time and also recruit more managers for your establishment.

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