Anime High School Simulator v3.0.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Crystals)

App Name Anime High School Simulator
Publisher Saros Games
Size 90M
Version 3.0.9
Mod Info Unlimited Money/Crystals
Update October 14, 2021 (9 months ago)
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1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Crystals
3. Unlimited Skill Points
(use them even don’t have enough)

When playing Anime High School Simulator, you’ll be amazed to discover. The players will play an avatar of a girl in school and explore this world. In addition, you’ll spend time strengthening your body during the game. You will also make your character more attractive. A world created entirely by an anime film brings players to an entirely new way of playing.

Anime High School Simulator


Interesting school life is revealed in front of the students’ eyes and provides them with something thrilling. It’s a vast universe that allows you to explore the same features like an open world. In addition, the game includes features that are similar to anime that people who are passionate about this kind of genre would appreciate. There are characters that you’ll interact with within the games, including hairstyles and costumes. They also have looked.

Players will get the first glimpse of their character awake and get ready for school. You are able to move around the area completely free to fulfill your needs. Once you’re done, take a break and start working towards your school to get acquainted with other students as well as teachers. Then, a thrilling game begins, in which players are free to play according to their preferences.

Anime High School Simulator


It is possible to look around the school you attend and notice that there aren’t many people in the area. If you’re searching for someone to connect with, visit the school. After you’ve entered the grounds of the school, the first person you meet is your teacher. You’ll be able to continue on your journey, as you can explore the school in the way you’d like. There, you’ll find numerous characters with distinct characteristics and outfits.

The characters mentioned above make players feel like they’re entering a whole new world and are beginning a new schoolgirl’s life. It is possible to interact with certain characters by choosing dialogs, and at times you’ll get specific requests to complete. The blue cloud over them can identify the interactive characters. Sometimes, characters can even lure you into specific dangers.

If you imagine this school as the same kind of school experience as Otome games, you’re not right. Anime High School Simulator is an experience that provides the feeling of a girl’s life. However, in this, there are always adversaries she has to overcome. While playing, when you control the game, you will also notice that she has a broom that has the grip of the sword, as it can be used to beat other players.

Anime High School Simulator


As we mentioned earlier, you’ll be given certain requirements to progress in this game. It’s crucial in the event that you aren’t sure what you should do, and the first person you meet is the one who assigns you the first job to take the number of enemies. Also, when you play, make sure you prepare your weapon before playing in any competition, as you might be anxious because your adversary is constantly attacking.

There isn’t a specific starting point for the game or teleporting to take on your opponent in the game Anime High School Simulator. You have to be the first one to strike the person you wish to fight. It is your goal to bring them down by inflicting constant damage. You will notice a blue line beneath the HP bar that is beginning to rise. Particularly, it’s the experience bar in which the player is required to finish missions by beating enemies.

In the initial game, players are striving to raise their levels due to the numerous things to face in school, and it also helps you earn a number of skills points. If you notice that the red exclamation mark in front of your level, this means that you’ve not used all your points for a skill, and the three most important stats to pay attention to are Strength, Health, and resistance. Each stat is a factor in your character.

Anime High School Simulator


The Anime High School Simulator also has an exchange system in which can take a considerable amount of time to expand. People will always be curious about the things they can purchase at the shops, and the products can be found in a variety of different. Particularly, they could be weapons that have different shapes to allow players to alter their experience. In addition, you can also purchase new hair colors and change your eyes color to make your avatar into waifu, which is a good fit for you.

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